Know your asthma diet

Asthma is considered to be one of the incurable illness diagnosed by now. The incidence rate has risen in The United States during past some decades. There is also a fact that our diet plays an important role in managing the system in our body. It has usually been found that in The United States, most of the people eat junk and the consumption of healthy food in their diet is least. They eat fewer fruits and vegetables due to which they are more prone to obesity as well as other health conditions. One of the conditions includes asthma. If you have asthma, you should take some extra safety measures to ensure that asthma does not affect you and make your condition worse. Since Americans eat more processed food they have a higher possibility of bumping up the risk of developing asthma.

If you have asthma, you may be curious about what food choices to make and whether it is helping you to manage the condition or worsen it. There is no sure short way that eating some specific food could lower your chances of developing asthma but this is a fact that eating healthy could help you prevent the symptoms. Other than that, eating nutritious food could overall impact your health in a better way.

Know your Asthma diet

Since we already know that asthma causes inflammation in your airway that transports air to the lungs which are also called bronchial tubes. During the attack of asthma, the bronchial tubes swell allowing the passage cause inflammation. Asthma causes coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, chest tightening.

According to the research, if you suddenly shift your diet from fruits and healthy food to junk and processed foods, you are more vulnerable to developing asthma. Though there is no food or nutrient that could improve the symptoms of asthma on its own but it has usually been found that eating a diet high in fresh fruits and vegetables may get benefitted.

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Some food that you can add to your diet are:

  • You can include Vitamin D rich foods such as milk and eggs in your diet. They are extremely nutritious.
  • Food items rich in magnesium like spinach and pumpkin seeds are really helpful.
  • According to a report, it has been found that bananas might decrease wheezing due to asthma in children.
  • Apples have been linked to low asthma symptoms and smooth lung functions.
  • A study indicates that women with asthma who have consumed a higher level of beta-carotene which is also a form of Vitamin A had better quality of life.
  • Children can improve the symptoms by having magnesium-rich foods like pumpkin, spinach, salmon, dark chocolate etc.

Some food items that are advisable to avoid in case of asthma:

  • Avoid products that have allergens which could cause asthma attacks like dairy products, shellfish, wheat etc.
  • Food items that can cause gas like beans, onions, cabbage etc.
  • Processed and fast foods may also increase the risk of asthma symptoms.

Following some important steps may also help:

Eat to maintain a healthy weight: Sometimes, being overweight can worsen asthma. Therefore, it is necessary to lose some weight to have better results in asthma. Managing your weight could help in getting control over asthma.

Avoid food items that trigger asthma: There are some food items as well that could trigger the symptoms of asthma like dairy products or many more. It is important to first get to know what are the food items that could make you prone to asthma and how you should manage to avoid it.

Do not take sulfites: They can found in wines, pickles, shrimp etc and could cause you to have some symptoms of asthma. So, try to avoid taking them in your diet.

Sometimes, it is possible that if you eat less salt and take food items rich in oils found in cold-water fish may help you in reducing the symptoms of asthma. But it still needs to be confirmed.

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