Read which learning styles suit you best for learning a new skill

In order to grow the mental ability for a certain kind of new skills or new subject, we need to be learning them constantly. Many of us are highly dedicated to this concern, to begin with. We initiate with different logics to make our new learning to be a little longer to remember for the final performance time.

To learn new skills we must first understand our learning styles.

After so much of hard work, discipline and constant dedication in learning some of us fail to remember at the time of best opportunity and at the time of performance. If it resonates with you too then we have some very interesting facts that may associate with your problem and could bear fruitful results for new learning’s. Every individual is different when it comes to their mindset and learning abilities and capabilities. To understand the right approach for learning a new skill it is very important to know the learning pattern we are good at.

 Read which learning styles suit you best for learning a new skill

What is your learning style?

Yes, there are a variety of learning patterns that may help individual to get the best out of their learning and perform to the greatest potential even if you have not heard of learning patterns before , you can easily check what is your style of grabbing the things easily that not only last longer but sticks automatically in your mind too. Therefore, you do not need to put hours to understand a simple technique and concentrate more on grabbing the details of new skills.

Choose your learning styles

  • Visual Learner
  • Oral Learner
  • Verbal Learner
  • Logical Learner
  • Physical Learner
  • Solitary Learner
  • Social Learner

1. Learning styles: The Visual Learner

These are those types of learner who finds the learning pattern easy and more consuming by visualizations. Pictures, images and shapes help them to learn better and easier. The tips for such kind of learner is when you are learning a new skill at that time do some doodling and drawing to capture its visual. Learn your work through picture colours, layouts and mind maps. Instead of reading letters, picture learning will better help you out.

2. Learning styles: The Oral Learner

The audio works wonders for this kind of learners. The sound of letters makes you learn more than reading letters. While learning you may also create music over the letter and instead of reading the letters, you have a song prepared. There are various methods for audio formation in order to learn like music or in a poetic manner. You can create something or a topic that you need to learn by heart. Later on, preparing in front of a mirror or listening to the audio version helps you get the topic solely.

3. Learning styles: The Verbal Learner

These kinds of learners are more specific to keep the repetition of words while learning something new. Their kind always creates a version of their own. It’s good if the learning process involves more of scripting pattern where you can rehearse it like a play. You can also revise it by recording it into some sound and listening to it again for the final review process.

4. Learning styles: The Logical Learner

These kinds of learners like to have some logic and thought process involved while learning a new skill. Whatever you read keep writing it in serial behaviour whenever you join a new point, again review the whole series in a sequential manner that too steps by step. Always try to learn your learning material via a graph or chart. There could be some relationship between all the different points and putting on some pattern may help this kind of learners to get the work done their logical way.

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5. Learning styles: The Physical Learner

These kinds of learners experience a good grab while they are involved in a simple activity like reading while walking. They may also create audio versioning of the learning material which they can hear and learn when driving or while having lunch and dinner.

6. Learning styles: The Solitary Learner

As the name suggests, this kind of learners needs a very peaceful and lonely place to have new knowledge. They get the best grabbing of letters when they learn without anyone else involved with them. Self-study is the best study for them. They always connect goals with aspects of their own values. Also, involve personal connection while studying. The best way is to create modelling and structuring things. Being creative in learning helps a lot. The kind always has a deep impression on their presentations for the new learning they have recently obtained.

7. Learning styles: The Social Learner

As the name defines itself, you always have the capacity of learning great things when in a group. Therefore, a group study is highly beneficial for you to learn new formats and skills while socializing. Taking part in online forums for certain discussion helps you. Whatever is learnt by far, they tend to discuss it with family and friends give a boost to their memory over the new topic. Playing quiz too helps. Take a white board and assuming that you are giving lectures on this new topic helps you out potentially to grab it inside out.

Start to learn through your learning styles

We learnt today about a variety of learning patterns and to learn the above, practice it and check out what learning styles best suits you. Hope that helps in learning new skills. You can perform 100% positively by following your learning styles. So, do not try to fit in what you are not made for. Choose your self-creation instead.

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