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Why Is Smoking So Addictive?

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Do you find yourself often taking that packet of cigarettes again in your mouth? You have now probably fallen in love with the shape of the smoke and how this small cigarette causes you peace of mind. Have you even started to isolate yourself away from your family?

The nicotine inside the cigarette of yours does things to your brain that you might not even know about it! This tobacco chemical makes smoking so addictive and hard to stop. The feeling of pleasure or feeling good 

Why is this so habit? And can you quit it? If yes, then how! Below we have included all the content that you will need to quit smoking. 

Symptoms That You Have Become Addicted To Smoking

There are times that you can become too addicted to the tobacco or the nicotine and won’t even know about it. This can lead you to have a dependency on nicotine. There are signs that you might notice to know that you have become addicted to the smoking habit. We have listed out some of the most common ones below:

  • You Can’t Stop yourself From Smoking: Even though you try to stop, you can’t. You might even have a whole list of the time you have tried to stop smoking but the next moment you found yourself smoking again. 
  • You Start To Have The Withdrawal Symptoms Whenever You Try To Stop: You probably have noticed the symptoms of withdrawal whenever you tried to stop smoking. Whenever you tried to stop you noted either mood or even physical problems. 
    You have even noticed signs such as diarrhea, anxiety, craving for the smoke, restlessness, irritability, anxiety, depression, frustration, mood swings, anger, insomnia, pangs of hunger, and other problems that you might not commonly experience. 
  • You Stop Being Social: The habit of socializing that you had you have now stopped it. You don’t socialize with other people anymore. You don’t even go out anymore. You like to stay indoors. Are your friends going out to a smoke-free restaurant? You instantly drop the plan. You have even stopped meeting your friends or family because you can’t smoke around them anymore. 
  • Even Though You Know Smoking Kills, You Continue It: You know the impact of smoking on your body. You know the habit is harming your kidney, liver, and all other functioning of your body. You know smoking will cause you cancer and will have a very negative effect on your body. But you continue this habit because you have now become so addicted to the habit. 

When Should You See A Doctor

Have you noticed the habit or signs above in yourself? Understand that you are not alone and there are millions like you around the world. Many smokers have tried to quit on the habit of smoking many times but couldn’t due to the addiction habit. 

What we recommend you to go for if you want to quit the habit of smoking is to follow a certain treatment plan. This treatment plan should have both the physical and the mental factors for the cure. Work out with your medical professional to boost up your habit of quitting the smoking habit. 

Smoking cessation is not difficult if you have a strong urge and the discipline to quit smoking forever!

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What Cause The Nicotine Addiction

The nicotine is responsible for causing addiction. As soon as nicotine reaches your brain your brain increases a lot of chemicals also known as neurotransmitters which regulate your mood and gives you the boost up or the pleasure. This makes you think that you have finally found peace!

One of the neurotransmitters is dopamine which quickly improves your mood and gives you the “rewarding feeling”. As the feeling increases your brain makes you want more of the nicotine making you addicted to the feeling of smoking. 

Some of the instances or conditions that can make you want to smoke more are as follows:

  • While driving to a certain place
  • Spending time with people who also have the habit of smoking
  • While talking or having a call
  • Intake of coffee
  • When you take a break
  • Intake of alcohol 

What Are The Risk Factors Involved

Now there is no certain instance or factor that can make a person habitual or addicted to smoking. Anyone who smokes regularly can become addicted to the smoke. Some of the factors that can influence the habit are as follows:

Most people start smoking in their teenage years. Maybe because of friends or the instances. But this is the time most people start to become addicted to the habit of smoking. 

If smoking is in your genes than you are likely to become addicted to its habit. The inheritance could be a huge factor. The way your body responds to the nicotine intake will make you crave for it because it is in your DNA to get pleasure from that habit. 

If you grow up with family or friends who smoke a lot you might develop this habit too.

People who suffer from mental health disorders often develop the habit of smoking.

People who intake alcohol a lot or use too many drugs are like to get addicted to the habit of smoking. 

Complications That May Arise

With smoking, you may develop many complications, diseases, and disorders. Some of them are given below:

  • Various types of cancers
  • Lung diseases
  • Cardiovascular and blood-related disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Infertility 
  • Impotence
  • Problems in the phase of pregnancy
  • Eye problems

How To Quit Smoking And Can I Quit Smoking?

It is not an easy task for anyone to quit smoking but it’s not impossible either. Below we will list out 10 most helpful ways you can quit smoking. And yes, anyone can quit smoking. With strong determination and with the support of your family and friends anyone can quit smoking. 

  • Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy: Your doctor should include nasal spray or prescription non-nicotine drugs. Also, over-the-counter nicotine patches can help you to quit smoking. 
  • Avoid Triggering Habits: Avoid any type of habit that makes you want to start smoking.
  • Chewing Habits: Chew on some gum so your mouth remains busy. 
  • Go For Support Groups: Many health support groups will help you to quit smoking. Many like you wish to quit the habit of smoking and join these types of groups. 
  • Remind Yourself How The Habit Of Quitting Will Help YouAs yo quit the habit not only you will get healthy you will save a lot of money and save your peers from the passive smoke. 

A nicotine patch reduces the effect of the withdrawal. But as time passes the user automatically gets used to them. Before going for the nicotine patch on your own, refer to a doctor for the medication and counseling therapies. 

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