Men's Moods Change After Ejaculating
  • Many stereotypes portray men as being crazy and sex-obsessed, whereas women are concern about romance. In some books, television, and movies portray the same just to make the content trendy.
  • In fact, a study at Ohio State University found young men think about sex 19 times a day, whereas women were reported with an average of 10 thoughts about sex in a day. Additionally, the study also revealed that men think more about sleep and food as compared to women.
  • The research also suggests that men are more comfortable thinking about sex and reporting their thoughts.
  • A study conducted in 2015 suggests that men report that men are more willing to have casual sex than women.
  • The Masters and Johnson's Four-Phase Model suggests sexual excitement is different for everyone as the source of arousal varies from person to person. This makes it difficult for the official to prove that men are less romantic than women scientifically.

Why Do Men's Moods Change After Ejaculating?

What Happens When A Man Releases Sperm Daily?

The question is subjective in nature as the effects of releasing sperm daily depend on person to person. For example, some people who masturbate daily usually feel weak and have difficulty gaining weight. While some may have no issues with releasing sperm daily. Therefore, it is best to know yourself for the best results.

In general, excess of anything is terrible, even masturbation. There is nothing much to suggest about masturbating regularly as for some people, masturbating daily can make them feel relaxed and seem healthy. Whereas, for some people masturbating daily causes difficulty in weight gain, causes dark circles, fatigue, and consequently requires more sleeping time.

Why Do Guys Feel Bad After Ejaculating?

This question is one of the universe's most complex questions, as it has disturbed many men for decades. There is nothing like men don't want to have sexual intercourse. In fact, they definitely enjoy cumming either during sexual intercourse or masturbating.

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The answer to these questions seems to be subjective because some men feel relaxed after ejaculating while some go on the negative part. This can be because of the lack of inner satisfaction. Now here comes psychology, the term inner satisfaction means dissatisfaction due to some personal reason. Like in most of the cases, men can feel bad, such as:-

  • after having paid sex
  • when you are not satisfied with your partner
  • when premature ejaculation takes place
  • If you are mentally disturbed and stuck with some other thought
  • If you are bored having sex regularly; need some productive/creative work

These are the possible causes that can make you feel sad or wrong just for a shorter duration of time after ejaculating. If you really want to know yourself and the reason if you feel sad, ask yourself when these feelings overwhelm your mind. You will find the answer. As the question is subjective, we can only have possibilities and the rest you need to find yourself.

Why Do Men's Mood Change After Ejaculating?

The basic reason men's mood changes after ejaculating are the change in hormonal level while ejaculating. When a man ejaculates, his dopamine level drops, and prolactin increases. This change in hormone level seems to be the cause of the refractory period and can also potentially account for 'post nut clarity'.

During orgasm, our brain releases a slew of endorphins and neurotransmitters, including dopamine, that make you feel pleasure, satisfaction, and happiness. Dopamine is the same chemical that is released when we eat our favorite foods to satisfy our hunger. It is dopamine that indicates you want to eat the same thing after some time without getting bored.

This is the reason why men want to have sex even if they feel bad after ejaculating. You  might have noticed men feel sad or change their mood after ejaculating, but they enjoy having sex after some time.

How Many Times Should A Man Release Sperm In A Week?

Till now, you must have understood there is no definite answer to this question as the frequency of masturbation of a person depends on his health condition. Some men masturbate twice or thrice a day, some do it once a week. 

All you need to know is that masturbating is healthy, whether twice, thrice, or once a week/day, until you are not having any health issues like feeling sleepy, hungry, or weak. Then, in fact, you need to know your body for the answer as it depends from person to person.

How Do Men Feel After Sex?

Once a person has sex with someone, people act differently. That's just how it goes; sex changes everything irrespective of gender and age. For example, men usually have a tendency not to call or text after sex. 

All this is the game of hormone imbalance; after sex, oxytocin increases that lowers the level of testosterone. The decrease in testosterone level makes men feel a great need to pull themselves away, making them lose interest for a while.

After some time, the body starts to rebuild testosterone that consequently increases its interests. Therefore, men may not poke you just after sex, but they will contact you after some time when the testosterone level rises to the sufficient level.