Men, You Can Have Breast Cancer Too

While this may surprise most of you, breast cancer is not just limited to women. It is true that women are the only ones who are usually affected by it, but that should not be the reason to feel safe. 

 Men, You Can Have Breast Cancer Too


According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in every 844 women will have breast cancer in their lifetime compared to a 1 in 8 chance in women. Many men feel really alone when they get to know that they have breast cancer. 

Men can have breast cancer as well and although it may be devastating news, one should fight through and know that they can survive it. Men feel vulnerable and need all the support they can get. People should know that cancer affects everyone in the exact same manner. Being biased at this point in their lives is insensitive and wrong.  

To break it down, men unlike women also have breast tissues that are smaller in number than what women have. Before puberty, the breast tissues in both men and women are the same but it develops further in women as they grow older. 

Now since the tissues exist in both, men are susceptible to get breast cancer as well. As per the scientific data, breast cancer is most common in older men, but it can occur at any age. Men who perform self-examination from time to time have a better chance of detecting cancer early.

Being in the early stages gives men a good chance to get it cured soon. Earlier, doctors used to think that breast cancer in men was more severe than in women, which is not really the case now. Both men and women are affected by any form of cancer in the same manner. 

The symptoms of breast cancer are the same in both men and women. If one feels a lump in their breasts which can be near the nipple, areola, or even near the under arms, it should not be ignored and should be immediately checked by a doctor. 

But while women are more aware of this condition, men are late to react and just ignore it thinking they might not be susceptible to breast cancer. Men even tend to get themselves checked after a while and only when they experience severe symptoms like bleeding or a visible change in the skin. 

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Few of the CAUSES of being diagnosed with breast cancer are:

  • Genetic Factors- Race, Gender, Age, Health history, certain changes in Genomes, etc.
  • Environmental Factors- Radiation to the chest, Densely polluted cities, etc.
  • Lifestyle Factors- Poor dietary practices, Consumption of alcohol, Smoking and overweight issues. 

The treatments that exist are the same for everyone. Physical exams, Biopsies and Mammography are ways to detect and check for cancer like symptoms. Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Surgery, and Hormone Therapy are few ways in which doctors treat patients with breast cancer. 

90% of male breast cancers have hormone receptors which means that Hormone Therapy is the most effective way of treating breast cancer in men. 

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