Why it is not important to win every argument for good life management?

There are some very important life management skills which all of us should poses. Some of the skill includes anger management, soft skill management, public speaking, group discussions etiquettes and many more. It is said by our elders many times that winning of every argument is not necessary all the time.

There need some people to answer back instantly but some does not require even our attention. The argument with such kind only wastes our time and energy. In fact, it is accepted by the experienced people that the conclusion only stated that a discussion or argument should always be done with a wiser person who makes us understand at least one right thing. To make a fool understand something which they are not willing to be only a big waste of energy and time.

 Why it is not important to win every argument for good life management?

To have a good life management every wise person always spend their time in a properly planned way. To satisfy our ego, if we are doing arguments it is our own mistakes and nobody else is responsible for it. If by mistake during an argument we said something wrong and apologetic we must instantly say sorry and accept the fault instead of stretching it over and over.

When a person did a mistake- he tends to do three more consecutive mistakes in a series. Hides his mistake, do more argument on it and does not accept the fault which in turn leads to stretch the on-going argument on and on and on. But one must understand that in such cases it is always good to accept the fault and say sorry. This act is not coward-ness but an intelligent way to handle a situation wisely. This is an example of good life management indeed.

On the other hand, if we talk about the soft skills, there are people who have such sort of tonal quality of their voice that even a simple sentence said by them appears to be an insult and considered as a very loud voice. But these people are not aware of this fact even that they have just hurt somebody by saying something to them.

For example, there is a sentence whose words are like “I know how you have achieved this position”. If this sentence is said by our loved one, a well-wisher or someone whom we look up to, there will be an instant good vibration flowing in our body. Because we know that the particular person has said it in positive terms and they know how much effort and dedication with hard work have we put into to reach such heights? We would even have more respect with the person and the relation will strengthen too. This will help in great relationship building that helps in better life management.

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But just imagine a vice-a-versa situation where a person who has some tonal issue, says it that “I know how you have achieved this position”. What will be the thought of going in our head, a negative one right? Because we do not like them .we took the words in wrong way analysing that they have said it like you have achieved the position by bribing, with wrong deeds. No hard work involved, via a jack etc. this will bring their mutual understanding to more negative drop levels and rage and anger may be developed too.

So one must have the intendment approach and should learn its right way of speaking to be inculcated within us. The words must include feelings towards them. Then only it will be resonated as per the intention. If we are ending an argument it should also be done in a polite and honourable way. It is very important that we end a topic with a tender approach. None of the argument should be ended at the verge of ending the relationship too.

That’s why one must have this thing very clear in our heads that we are arguing with someone’s thought not fighting them as a person. Therefore, it is never ever important to win an argument every time. Make this as part of your life management. Sometimes we can win the argument even by surrendering. No arguments are such that they cannot be ended and there is no full stop for it.

It should be taken care of with utmost importance that a person should not be made guilty in public during an argument. It is a daring act if one is the person to say hello first after the previous argument took place. This makes the relationship with people keep going on a healthier level and we build a good life management skill. Arguments are never-ending. But you be the first to initiate contact again proves the strong personality amongst all the individuals.

So, never try to win the argument every time as long as not required. This will help you to lead great life management.

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