Packing Essentials for Traveling in Good Shape

The year is 2019 and more people are traveling frequently for tourism, business or other purposes. The need arises for keeping a sound body and mind when on the road. If one is not taking enough care sometimes travel can cause problems for the health.

The habits differ when one is traveling. Sleep patterns, meal times and much more change. To avoid feeling down, low energy levels, suffering from cold or fever, here is a list of essential travel items to add to your packing list to be in top form for the trip.

 Packing Essentials for Traveling in Good Shape

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated throughout the day is a must and highly recommended. You need to drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day to fully function and keep your body strong and healthy when on the move.

Having a water bottle on hand will be easier to keep hydrated all day and expensive money need not be spent on buying water packs at stores when travelling. So never forget to carry a water bottle with you at all times when traveling anywhere. You might have trouble locating stores to buy a water too so always carry your own water bottle around.


Sanitizers come in handy when water and soap are not available, which can happen quite frequently when traveling. After traveling for long hours and coming into contact with people, doors, etc your hands will be dirty. You must clean the hands before eating food. Prevent the spread of many germs and bacteria by cleaning your handsGetting Out of a Liquor Addiction Effectively! frequently and especially before meals.

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You can keep your hands clean on the go by using a travel-sized hand sanitizer. These are a big help when not having enough access to water. Keeping the hands clean will also prevent the transfer of germs to the face preventing acne.

Nasal Spray

When flying, the humidity inside the plane is not what we are used to in typical environments. Due to the humidity and low pressure in the cabin, the skin dehydrates and also dries out the mucous membranes in the nose which leaves the body exposed to harmful particles in the air inside the plane.

Taking a nasal spray before boarding the flight will help. Buy some nasal sprays over the counter at the pharmacy and always pack them with you when traveling especially on flights. You might also need to use nasal sprays when going to low-pressure areas such as climbing to the top of the mountain. Include nasal spray in your packing list for every travel.

Keep Warm and fight off allergies

It is important to keep your body warm to ward off cold infections and so it is always advisable to carry wraps, shawls, and jackets. Even if going to warmer places the wraps will keep you warm in the cold cabin during flights. Catching a cold can be avoided by keeping the body warm.

Going to places having different climates can alter the way your nasal passages work usually. Equip yourself with allergy pills, a nasal spray to fend off allergies. If you prefer a natural way of treatment then take a travel-sized neti pot. These sinus flushing neti pots are very effective, especially when going to places with higher elevations.

Sleep mask and skincare needs

Getting a good night’s sleep cannot be underestimated. It will help keep the immune system strong and benefit you in many ways. It is important to sleep in a quiet and dark place so pack a sleep mask and a pair of earplugs to get that much-needed rest when on the road.

Also, add a pack of facial cleansing wipes and lightweight moisturizer for your face to your packing list. Never go to sleep without cleaning your face. Cleaning your face will keep your skin hygienic and free from germs and hence preventing acne. The cleansing wipes are especially helpful if you do not have access to water.

Healthy snacks, juice boxes and daily dose packets

In case your skin is sensitive to greasy food, it is a good thing to pack something healthy and carry with you. You can never be sure what foods you run into on the flight or roads. Packing some healthy travel snacks ahead will also help if you are allergic to some foods.  Always include these in your packing list.

Carry some light snacks maybe some protein bars to stay healthy. Also pack some fruits like bananas, apples, and oranges for the trip. You can eat these fruits for breakfast or as healthy snacks throughout the day. Eating healthy travel snacks will help your body perform at top function throughout the day.

Daily dose packets include nutrients for boosting immune system like probiotics, vitamin C and D. Many travelers carry these especially daily dose packets to ensure getting vital nutrients in the body. You can find these daily dose packets containing essential nutrients at any pharmacy or general stores. Pack some juices such as orange juice. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking juice throughout the day when traveling. Also, carry yogurt packages too as they contain probiotics. Treat yogurt as a healthy snack and eat it a few times a day during travel.

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