premature ejaculation


Premature Ejaculation is a condition when a man reaches the climax in a few seconds without having an orgasm. In a worse situation, the man is done even before the woman is penetrated enough to have intercourse. While it is completely normal to have this situation once in a while, it interferes with your personal life if happens frequently. There are several factors responsible for Premature Ejaculation as stress, unhealthy lifestyle and emotional breakdowns. Men who have a record of diseases related to heart, liver, and kidney are more prone to struggle with Premature Ejaculation.

For the longest time, Premature Ejaculation was considered as a physical disorder, but recent studies have confirmed that it is more of a mental problem than a physical. According to them, it is the result of the malfunctioning of the brain, not the penis as the brain is not able to hold the orgasm with discipline. Any men who last up to 15 minutes may also be suffering from Premature Ejaculation, if he can not hold it for 5 minutes extra, even if he wants to.


Premature Ejaculation is identified on the basis of the typical symptoms listed below and their severity.

  • Decreased sexual desires and pleasure
  • Frequent ejaculation with little or no control
  • Feelings of guilt, frustration, and embarrassment

You need to notice them first and talk to your doctor in a frank and open manner as he or she can not help you if you do not provide him accurate details. There is also a possibility that the doctor will ask you to go through some neurological tests to determine the root cause of your problem.

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There is not any full proof way to prevent yourself from Premature Ejaculation but the following point may prove to be helpful to keep yourself on a safer side-

  • Communicate with partner and therapist.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards sexual problems, hopelessness will not help.


Of Course, there is an ocean of medicines out there to treat Premature Ejaculation. You can buy them easily from any online drugstore without even revealing your identity. But, we are talking cool stuff here. There are several techniques that are tried and tested by men all over the world as they help them a lot to hold the orgasm for the desired time.

  • The baseball technique: This technique is to train your mind to think something that is not sexy at all, as a maths book. Though it can work to some extent but is definitely a good way to make love. There is a fair possibility that the woman will sense it and assume you are not doing it devotedly.
  • Condoms: Men usually do not like condoms because they cut the sensations down there. You can use this characteristic of the condom to have sex for a longer period of time. You can also use two at a time if your partner is already using another birth control method as two layers may rub with each other in order to destroy the protection.
  • Masturbation: This can be a little overwhelming to some men out there, but the young generation masturbates before the planned night. It increases their desire for sex and hence, they gain control over the climax.
  • Different positions: Over a period of time, we develop a certain position to achieve orgasm. You can try switching positions regularly to avoid this situation. For your information, the missionary position holds the potential to make most men

These were the basic things every man needs to know about Premature Ejaculation. Share this article with friends and family to educate them about it.


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