Thought Prostate Cancer Is Already Rampant? Wait For 110 Years.

The world is at the juncture where it is difficult to decide what is escalating faster, population or diseases. However, one thing is for sure that the quality of human life suffers a great deal by the explosion in the number of both. 

One of the diseases among men that is spreading massively is prostate cancer. Stats say that every year, almost one million people develop prostate cancer and the worse news is, around three hundred thousand men die to the disease. While the world is already witnessing an upsurge of this serious health issue, the future assumptions about the spread of disease are horrifying. According to studies, in the coming 110 years which means by 2124, almost half of the men of the world will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. And if you think that things can’t be more awful, let us break to you that if studies turn out to be true, almost all the men of the world will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by 2275 (261 years). 

 Thought Prostate Cancer Is Already Rampant? Wait For 110 Years

However medical advancements and striking changes in the lifestyle of people may reduce the damage anticipated. Since the possibilities are startling, therefore, the wisest thing to be prepared for the worst on an individual level. Arrant knowledge about the prevention, symptoms and remedies is what can reduce the loss to a significant level. It's wise to not sit back and wait for the damage to occur, therefore, we have compiled all that you need to know about Prostate cancer from its causes to the tips to avoid it.

Prostate Cancer

As the name says, prostate cancer is the type of cancer that develops due to the abnormal growth of cells in the prostate gland in men. The prostate gland lies in the lower abdomen of men and is responsible to produce semen, seminal fluids that nourish the sperms and its transportation. Prostate cancer has the tendency of spreading in other parts of the body and late detection of the fatal disease can lead to the death of an individual. 

This cancer can affect men of any age however an individual is most prone to the disease in the middle and older age. Obesity and genetic mutation can also result in the malignant growth of cells in the prostate gland. 

Once the glandular cells start proliferating at an abnormal rate, they start travelling to other parts of the body by invading nearby organs like rectum or bladder. At this stage, where cancer starts spreading to the entire body, the cancer is called metastatic prostate cancer. 

There is another condition which is very much identical to prostate cancer but is instead a noncancerous prostate disorder, hyperplasia, where the size of the gland increases considerably, enough to block the urine passage. Prostate cancer can result in the dysfunctional urinary system and reproductional activities. 

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Causes of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer, like any other cancer, is caused due to the malfunction in the genes that control the production of cells in body. These cancerous cells then intoxicate the organ in which they are developed, spreading in the entire body slowly and gradually. The primary cause of prostate cancer is gene disposition. The disease can run down from any of the family members to an individual.

How to detect Prostate Cancer

Early detection of the disease can help in curing it. There are many men across America, who were once diagnosed with prostate cancer but early detection made the successful treatment possible. Therefore, the signs of the disorder should be looked out for. 

1. Pain during ejaculating

2. Bloody urine and semen

3. Burning sensation while urinating

4. Urinating frequently

5. Painful lower back, hips and upper thighs

6. Difficulty in erection

What can you do to keep the Disease at Bay

Precaution is better than cure and every problem of the world can best be prevented by taking the initial personalised steps. While the demon of prostate cancer is terrifying, staying alert and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can always help in reducing the chances of its occurrence. 

Here are the few tips that every man should follow in order to stay safe from the disorder. 

1. Eat healthy 

One sure shot way to reduce the chances of the disease is by choosing wisely what to eat and what not to. Now, we certainly don’t mean that you shouldn’t live your life at all, but make sure to inculcate healthy food in your diet, time to time.

  • Consume more soy products, sprouts, tofu, alfalfa, beans, etc. 
  • Don’t let fruits make a retreat from your diet
  • Avoid Vitamin E and carbohydrates

2. Make sure to inculcate exercise in your daily routine.

3. Quit smoking since it can result into the recurrence of prostate cancer.

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