Raise Another Mug Of Coffee Because It's Healthy


Isn't it just wonderful how a single cup of fluid with delectable flavor can switch our day from mood like that of a power cut during a murky monsoon evening to the happy and gay sunshine all around? It can transform itself into the kind colleague who helps you get the work done during the drowsy post noon office hours or a wonderful medium to start the conversation with that someone who you've been trying to talk to for very long. Because as the tagline of CCD goes- a lot can happen over coffee. 

Raise Another Mug Of Coffee Because It's Healthy

Having said that, a lot can happen inside your body too once you gulp down the sip of caffeine. And the good news is, it is a healthy reaction that your body gives in the response of a reasonable amount of coffee. 

Here are the five health benefits that drinking coffee can shower you with

1. A Boost In The Physical Activity 

Everyone who is an avid coffee drinker will agree that drinking coffee infuses sudden energy in the body and the brain. This electrification has a well researched scientific explanation. Coffee increases the production of adrenaline in the brain, a hormone that develops a fight or flight situation for the nervous system. As a result, the body gets prepared for a rigorous physical exertion. Furthermore, adrenaline makes the mind vigilant and active and responsive, thus boosting the mental functioning as well.

Another reason for enhances body functioning after drinking coffee is that caffeine helps in breaking down body fat, thus releasing the fatty acids in cells. The body uses this fatty acid as fuel for better physical functioning. 

2. It Can Help You Manage Obesity

Since we mentioned in the first point that coffee helps in breaking down body fat, it is assumable that its consumption can lead to a reduction in body weight. Apart from releasing fatty acids, it also increases the efficiency of the metabolic system, thus resulting in a better digestive system. 

We bet you couldn't find a better natural fat burner had it not been for the brown beans. 

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3. It Will Make Things Better In Bed

Yes, you read it right. There have been several studies that say that coffee consumption can reduce libido, but the truth is, it's all hoax. And what supports the claim is the prevailing logic. It's a busy generation that works the whole day and often slips to sleep as soon as the bed and pillow are made available at night. What suffers the real deal amid this monotony, is the sexual life of the urbanites. If you are someone who resorts to sleeping too early while leaving your partner alone craving for some actions, make a cup of coffee at night your pick. It will make you stay awake for longer and get some prolonged fun beneath the sheets. *wink wink* 

4. It Can Be The Ray Of Positivity That Your Brain Needs

We discussed how caffeine could boost adrenaline generation in the brain. Similarly, consumption of coffee can also lead to the manufacturing of dopamine and serotonin. The two hormones not only alert the reward system but also infuses the emotions like hope, motivation, happiness, etc. in the brain. What else does one make the most of the day? 

5. It Can Keep Many Fatal Diseases At Bay 

The benefits of caffeine don't end, and the best part is, every significance is better than the former. However, this is the most crucial health benefit of coffee consumption. Researches have revealed that it can reduce the hazards of many diseases to a great extent. Such conditions are liver diseases, dementia, Parkinson's diseases, type 2 diabetes, etc. 

With all the benefits of coffee consumption, backed by scientific reasoning, pick another cup of coffee and raise it high for now, you have got reasons to devour. 

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