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You did your dinner but still, feel hunger at night? Or are you out of those who does midnight snacking? Then this article is just for you. It will tell you five reasons why you should stop your late-night eating now. Those people who are healthy, eat three meals in a day and resist their temptation to eat at midnight. So quitting midnight snacking can be the first step towards your healthy body.  


1. Heart

Midnight snacking reduces the fat oxidation of the whole body and results in an increase in cholesterol. For the proper functioning, our body needs some cholesterol but an increased cholesterol can be a sign of a developing heart disease. High cholesterol leads to fatty deposits in the blood vessels and these deposits make it difficult for blood to flow through arteries. Our heart requires oxygen-rich blood to function properly and when the heart is unable to get oxygen-rich blood as it needs, the risk of heart attack increases. High cholesterol is often said to be a silent killer. High cholesterol is also linked to many other health problems such as high blood pressure which is again a risk factor for a stroke or heart attack. Maintaining cholesterol level is very important to maintain a healthy heart.

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2. Memory

We all are aware that midnight snacking affects our health a lot but do we all know that it has a surprising effect on our brain too???

According to the researchers, our eating routine is highly linked to our brain or memory. As per them, bad time eating highly affects the brain region that manages the emotions, ability to organize and memory storage. When we form memories the nerve impulse gets activated along a certain path and when a certain activity is repeated it is strengthened. But, during night time the activity of brain region is reduced and as a result midnight snacking led to an impaired memory system. This is because when we consume food at a wrong time we induce an incorrect alignment between the clocks in the brain and the body.   


3. Acid reflux

Acid reflux is a burning sensation in the stomach that is caused due to indigestion or due to a backup of digestive juices in the esophagus. In order to secure healthy digestion, food should be eaten slowly and at a correct time. The work of digestion should not be carried out during sleeping hours as when le lie down our stomach has all his work done. The stomach should be allowed to rest for at least five hours. During midnight stomach is not ready to take a burden and stomach calls for a food at the time when it is accustomed to receiving it.  


4. Obesity

Late night eating habit can make you gain more weight. Studies say that whenever food is consumed late at night the body is more likely to store those calories as a fat that gains weight rather than burning them as an energy. Eating late at night also increases the blood sugar level which is one of the major cause of an obesity. Foods which are high in calories and low in nutrients play a vital role in weight gain and unhealthy body. When such food items are eaten at night they show their adverse effect and leads to high intake of calories.


5. Diabetes

Researchers found that eating late at night increases glucose and insulin level which increases the risk of diabetes. Also, late night snacking led to store carbohydrates. What and how much we eat directly reflects to the sugar level.

Share this with your friends and family and remember that your goal is not to eat after dark. Stay safe, Stay healthy !!



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