Role Of Meditation On The Body

Meditation is a method to alleviate stress and other health-related purposes that are widely practiced by people across the world. It is a method to focus attention and enhance relaxation and increase calmness.

The primary objective of meditation is to shift the focus of mind away from everyday thoughts such as worries from work, stress from family or any other problems. It allows the mind of a person to stays at a present moment rather than taking tension regarding other things. Living in the present moment is regarded as a real peace, thinking about the future or past prevents us from feeling peace. Meditation is primarily categorized into two:

  • Objective meditation - It is also known as upasna and it indicates a concentration of mind on an object. An object can be in the form of light, sky or qualities such as strength or love. 
  • Subjective meditation - It is also known as nididhyasana and it does not involve the focus on concentration but it is an attempt to seek consciousness.

Meditation is different from concentration. Meditation is the first step of the process that gradually develops concentration. The primary difference is that in concentration there is no movement of the mind, whereas, in meditation, the mind moves from one relevant idea to another. Meditation plays an important role to involve oneself in intense meditation.

 Role Of Meditation On The Body

Forms of meditation

1. Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation requires an individual to be completely present with each of the activities. In this type of meditation, an individual has to be mindful of what to do rather than bouncing on different thoughts. This type of meditation can be done anytime while walking or driving. All you need to do is to concentrate on whatever you are doing. Being present and mindful to work is important.

2. Insightful meditation

Insightful meditation allows an individual to clear their mind such that they are open to thinking about new ideas and perspectives. This type of meditation can help one to get amazing ideas that might not change a life but can definitely bring a difference to their life.

3. Love kindness meditation

Negative thoughts can significantly impact the quality of life of an individual. Love kindness meditation can help release negative emotions from mind and develop positive ones. Reciting positive words during the meditation can help in attaining peace and positivity in mind.

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4. Exclusive meditation

Exclusive meditation is similar to mindfulness meditation but the only difference is to think about the ideas that one wants to explore. Try to concentrate on the ideas or the project you are working upon.

5. Inclusive meditation

Inclusive meditation allows one to look at all the thoughts and concentrate within the emotions and thoughts without passing any judgment on yourself. Inclusive medication allows a person to think about whatever they want to think without feeling guilty or ashamed.

Benefits of meditation

Psychological health

Psychological health is very important for the overall well being of an individual. Brain is the sensitive part of the body which when scans for stimulation tends to ignore happiness and instead it recalls to an unpleasant experience. The Prefrontal Cortex (PFC), anterior grey matter of the frontal lobe, plays a role in the rational regulation of emotional functioning.

Meditation can help to control emotions. Meditation can help to train prefrontal cortex to control the emotional limbic system. It can increase blood flow in the prefrontal cortex which improves emotional control. Meditation also increases the flow of blood to the area of the brain known as thalamus which is associated with higher cognitive function.

Also, stress is the most common psychological problem which is associated with the development of multiple other problems. Meditation is a technique which is especially known to reduce stress. Therefore, the psychological health of an individual is prevented to a great extent as stress reduces.  

Cardiovascular health

Evidence suggests that meditation is an effective technique to reduce the risk of developing any cardiovascular disease. The prevalence of the cardiovascular disease is very high across the world. In the United States, it is one of the leading causes of death and disability. There are multiple numbers of factors that are known to be responsible for high number of cases of cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, stress and many more. Meditation is known to have an impact on almost all these factors.

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common causes of cardiovascular disease. High blood pressure is a condition in which the flow of pressure on the walls of the arteries are more than normal. Meditation reduces the pressure of blood on the artery walls and helps to maintain right pressure. Stress is another risk factor for both cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure and there is no doubt to say that meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress.

Immune system

Meditation is known to boost immune system as well. The immune system in the body is regarded as a defense system which protects the body against bacteria, virus, and other foreign invaders. Keeping immune system strong is important to protect the body from various health problems. Weakened immune system mistakenly attacks the healthy cells in the body instead of protecting them.

Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common metabolic diseases and each year, millions of people are diagnosed with it. Diabetes mellitus is a disease which is characterized by hyperglycemia or high blood glucose level. There are many factors that are associated with the development of this disease. Uncontrolled blood glucose level is associated with various complications, therefore, management plays a key role. Meditation is one of the effective way to regulate glucose level in the blood. 

Insulin is the primary hormone that is responsible for regulating glucose level in the blood. Problems with insulin secretion, insulin action or both are the causes of diabetes mellitus. Meditation improves the production of insulin in the body and it also improves the ability of the body to use insulin effectively.

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