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Sexual Health

  1. What Should You Know About Porn Induced ED?

    Does Watching Porn Can Cause ED? Learn the correlation between Porn and ED.

    Have you been facing any problems in getting intimate with your spouse? Are you experiencing any form of addiction to pornographic material? The possibility of facing sexual health problems does increase when one becomes addicted to porn. Men who get addicted to porn and find it hard to get and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse can be diagnosed with porn induced ED. Erectile dysfunction(ED) is sexual dysfunction characterised by the inability to get an erection that is firm enough for sexual intercourse. ED can occur due to physiological, psychological or environmental factors as well.

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  2. How To Prevent Twisted Testicles?

    testicular torsion pain

    An Issue that is unavoidable by men, an emergency that can be painful. This condition is the most common in men that can make the groin area sore. What does testicular torsion feel like?

    The most usual cause of an emergency related to the male genitourinary tract is extremely painful is known as testicular torsion. Men have two testicles that rest and are present inside the scrotum. A cord known as the spermatic cord transfers blood to the testicles. In between a torsion of the testes, this cord twists. As an outcome, blood flow is affected and the tissues in the testicle can start to die.

    According to the American Urological Association study, this illness is uncommon, affecting only about 1 in 4,000 under the age of 25. Torsion is most usual in adolescent men. Those between 12 and 18 years old state for 65 per cent of individuals with the condition. Though, infants and older adults can also be affected.

    Testicular torsion causes occur when a testicle rotates, twisting the spermatic cord that passes blood to the scrotum. The shortage of blood flow causes sudden and often acute pain and inflammation. This is what testicular torsion feels like?

    Testicular torsion is most prevalent between ages 12 and 18, but it can occur at any age, even before birth.

    Testicular torsion causes usually need emergency surgery. If aided fast, the testicle can usually be cured. But when the blood flow supply has been cut off for a longer period, a testicle may get extremely damaged that it has to be removed from the body.

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  3. Strongest Genital Warts Treatment Options

    Genital warts treatment

    Genital warts are tiny, elevated growths that are normally painless. The human papillomavirus (HPV) causes them, and it can be transmitted through sex without the use of a condom. HPV is recorded in over a hundred different strains. The HPV strain that causes genital warts is not the same as the one that causes genital malignancies like cervical cancer.

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  4. Understanding Sexual Response Cycle

    Sexual response cycle

    Everything happens in phases be it in sexual relationships too. The sexual response cycle directs to the series of physical arousal and emotional responses that happen as an individual experiences being sexually aroused and indulges in sexually stimulating activities, including coitus and masturbation. Knowing how your body reacts during each phase of the cycle can enhance your sexual relationship and help you pinpoint the cause of any sexual problems.

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  5. Genital Herpes: The Facts You Need To Know

    Genital Herpes

    It is a type of sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus(HSV). It can cause pain, itching, and sores in your genital area. The initial symptoms of genital herbs are often painful to notice and are contagious, even if you have no visible sores. Genital herpes can’t be cured but can ease your symptoms by reducing the risk of genital infection. In addition, the use of condoms can help you in preventing genital herpes from spreading.

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  6. Is It Normal To Have Different Size Testicles?

    Different size testicles

    Just like other body parts, testicles size also varies with every individual, usually with no harmful effects. Testicles are oval-shaped sperm-producing organs with an average size of 4x3x2 cm. Many men get scared seeing their testes of different sizes. This is something very common doubt among men, and many feel awkward about asking it even to their friends. But not discussing this is not the solution; this article is especially for such men. After reading this whole article, you will either get normal or feel the concern to consult with the doctor.

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  7. Old Penis: Upcoming Changes, Symptoms, And More

    Old Penis

    This article may be useful to old men but definitely, beneficial content to middle-aged men that will turn old in the coming day. Our human body is made up of cells. Our age is based on the cycle of the number of cells produced by the body to the number of cells used by the body. During old age, the human body decreases the rate of cell division, causing all the changes you see in an old adult. During the teenage, the pituitary gland releases hormones for producing testosterone. Here, puberty begins, and the body starts to change, such as the scrotum, penis, and pubic hair starts to grow.

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  8. Is Your Partner Impotent? Look For These 07 Common Signs Of ED

    Signs of ED

    Impotence (also called erectile dysfunction) is one of the most common sexual problems that affect millions of men worldwide. The signs of ED may vary. It involves a persistent inability to achieve an erection or a tendency to keep only brief erections. The risk of erectile dysfunction increases with growing age. This is why erectile dysfunction is mostly observed in men over the age of 50 years.  

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  9. Does Sex Help Migraines Or Triggers Them?

    Sex help migraines

    Sex is a crucial part of a healthy quality of life. Healthy sex life is directly linked with the overall physical and mental health of a person. But it is also important to note that sex is not always a positive experience. In fact, sometimes it leads to more pain than pleasure. Sexual activity can cause a headache of any type, including a migraine.

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  10. Is Masturbation Wrong?


    Masturbation is the activity that involves stimulation of genital organs through hands for sexual pleasure. It is a natural and safe way to explore your body. It is so common that it occurs to every person, irrespective of background, gender, and races. Despite some of the myths, there are no harmful side effects of masturbation. However, excess of anything is terrible, even excess masturbation, and can harm your relationship and everyday life.

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