There is a common saying that “Good shoes take you to good places”. Everyone loves wearing stylish shoes. They not only raise a person’s self-esteem but also define each wearer. Every woman must have stilettos, peep toes, narrow as well as well fitted shoes. Men also have a wide variety of shoes, it’s just that their choices vary a bit. For hundreds of years, people have been wearing high heel shoes as well as others. They believe that it refers to high fashion, professionalism etc. Women wear these shoes no matter how painful they could get. They do not complain about it at all. Not only can high heels affect your body shape, it can also damage your back. Ill-fitting shoes can affect your health almost immediately. When you apply pressure on your feet-wearing high heels, it also puts more effort on the front of your feet as the slant of the shoe makes you shift all your weight onto your toes as well as the balls of your feet. When you wear a flat shoe, your body weight is equally distributed over your whole foot, but once you put it in a high heel, the weight has to go somewhere. Normally, your feet serve as a shock absorber to protect yourself when you are walking. When you wear heels, one part of your feet take all the shock instead of your entire foot.

 How wearing wrong shoes is destroying your body?

There are various foot problems that you can face:

  • Athlete’s Foot: If you think, that it can affect only athletes, that’s not true. Contrary to the name, it is actually a contagious fungal infection, that causes scaling, flaking, and itching of the affected areas. Sweaty shoes or tight-fitting shoes can cause this infection.
  • Corns and Calluses: Sometimes, when you wear wrong shoes, small and hard areas are formed on the top of the toes.
  • Bunions: They look like the lumps on the side of your feet at the base of your toe. It can also be painful sometimes.
  • Lower Back Pain: Many women also experience back pain due to wearing wrong shoes. It may be because of the way the spine unnaturally sways while walking in them. You put a lot of stress on your back while walking on your heels. It’s better to wear heels only on special occasions.
  • Change body alignment: When you wear heels, your body arches in a way that it is not used to. The more and higher you wear heels, the more you will arch your back. It can disturb your entire body shape.

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Tips to pick right shoes:

  • Shop at the right time: There is a right time for buying shoes, and it turns out that time is in the evenings. Early mornings might be ideal for shopping or avoiding crowds, but if you are going out to buy shoes, evenings are best. This is because, your feet are a little bit swollen during that time as compared to mornings. If you buy shoes in evenings, you will know that the shoes that you are trying on will be comfortable throughout the day.
  • Look for the right size: Just like clothes, the size of shoes also vary from brand to brand. So, don’t just grab any heels or flats, first make sure that it fits you perfectly. Also, pay attention to the width. Don’t buy it unless you are completely comfortable in them.
  • Walk around in the shoes to determine how they actually feel. Trust your comfort level rather than the size or description.
  • Examine the soles carefully. Take note of how they feel when you are walking around in them.

After considering these tips, make sure to wear right shoes. Share it with every girl to make her aware of the consequences that she may face if she wears the wrong size.


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