Acne is the most prevalent skin disease these days and all of us must have suffered from this skin disease at least once. Though it is not a life threatening disease but it can leave its scars for the life. It is a skin disease that occurs when hair follicles are clogged with the dead skin cells. There is no single factor that causes acne. Instead there are wide range of factors that can lead to the breakouts. Some of the factors includes hormonal disorder, diet, medications, stress, not selecting right cosmetic etc..

 Surprising Reasons You Suffer From Acne

1. Hormonal disorder

Hormonal acne is the most common among adults. When one reaches the age of puberty, the body produces hormones which are known as androgens. These androgens cause the enlargement of sebaceous glands which are present in the pres of the skin. When sebaceous glands produce an extra oil and it mixes with dead skin blocks the pores. When bacterias multiply within these blocked pores, acne breakout. Acne is mostly suffered by teenagers as that is the age when hormonal shifts associated with puberty takes place. Also, in females, hormonal change during the menstrual cycle or pregnancy can also be the reason for the sudden breakout of acne.

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2. Stress

When you are under stress you may witness sudden breakout of acne. According to studies, the stress of our daily lives increases the risk of acne and psychological stress can be the main triggering factor that influences acne. Also, psychological stress can alter the immune functions of the skin and affects the skin. It can lead to the skin inflammatory disease such as acne. Corticotropin releasing hormone is also an important aspect of the development of acne. Corticotropin is a peptide hormone that is involved in the stress response and it is associated with the human skin. There are many evidences that prove that stress is highly associated with the production of hormones that influences the acne.

3. Diet

According to many researchers what we eat and how much we eat is associated with the acne breakouts. The role of food in the sudden breakouts is not surprising as chocolates, fatty foods, foods with high sugar have always been nominated for the cause of acne. There is no doubt in saying that the severity of acne is correlated with facial sebum secretion as it is considered as a major factor in the development of acne. Foods that are high in fat produces more facial sebum by increasing the blood lipid levels and this exacerbates acne. As per studies, food with high glycemic index has also been associated with acne. High glycemic index increases the androgen level that further increases the severity of acne.

4. Cosmetics

Every now and then many cosmetic creams are being introduced in the market. It is vital to ensure that you purchase a product that suits your skin type. Most of the creams that are available in a market are meant for a particular skin type such as for the people who have dry skin often prefer the cream that is moisturized whereas an oily face prefers less moisturized products. Therefore selecting a correct cream for the face is important and can reduce the risk of affecting from it. Certain cosmetics can cause acne or can make it worse. Every product that is available in the market can be good or bad for the skin, so it is the duty of the customer to find out good ones.

5. Medication

Yes!! Medication can also be the reason for the sudden breakouts. If you are high on medicines then it increases the risk of suffering from acne. There are many medicines that contain ingredients that can lead to breakouts such as bromides and iodides are known to cause acne. All cases of acne are not related to drugs but medication is one of the factors that may lead to it.

Share these factors that are associated with the development of acne with your family and friends and create awareness.

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