5 Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer And How To Detect Them

The most prevailing among all types of cancer is Breast Cancer, right after skin cancer. Breast cancer can be defined as the growth of abnormal cells in an uncontrollable way. It begins in the form of confined calcium deposits or tumor(lump) in the breast tissues. 

The tumor usually begins growing in two glands that are the Lobular Carcinoma which produces milk or Ductal Carcinoma which carries the milk to the nipple.

5 Early Symptoms Of Breast Cancer And How To Detect Them

This tumor can gradually grow and spread to other parts of the breast or to nearby lymph nodes and can also be transferred to other organs of the body through the bloodstream. If detected early, there are better chances of an effective treatment which can also result in increased survival chances and better lifestyle aspects.

The following listed symptoms are few of the known early signs which can help you find out the possibility of having breast cancer:

1. A Lump In Your Breast Area

A breast lump can be defined as very confined swelling or protrusion in your breast area which is evidently different from the rest of the breast tissues. These lumps can be broadly categorized into two categories:

  • Non-cancerous lumps: This can be due to various reasons such as Breast Cyst, Lipoma, Fibroadenoma or hormonal changes. The size, texture, and feel of these breast lumps can vary considerably and one should get them checked as soon as detected.
  • Cancerous lumps: Lumps associated with breast cancer are different, they are usually more firm and irregular and can be painless, which makes them hard to recognize. They usually occur in the upper, outer quadrant of the breast.

How to detect these lumps: check for lumps on both sides of your breasts, your underarms, and region below your collarbone.

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2. Change In Your Nipple

  • Thickening of skin around the nipple and areola which can also cause itching.

  • Discharge from the nipple which can be thin or thick in texture and vary from being clear to milky to another color.

  • Peeling or flaking of the area around the nipple or the breast skin 

  • Unilateral nipple inversion.

3. Breast Changes

There are many evident changes that can be witnessed in one’s breast to check for the probable presence of a cancerous tumor, such as:

  • Sudden change in the shape, size, and appearance of your breasts.

  • Swollen breasts.

  • Increased tenderness.

  • Flat or scalloped area on your breast.

4. Dimpling of Breast Skin

Also known as Peau de’ Orange, this is best described by thickening or puckering of skin of the breast which feels like the peel of an orange. Dimpled breast skin is a common symptom of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. The affected breast area may feel swollen, tender and you may also observe burning sensation and pain as well.

5. Lymphatic Nodes Changes

The lymphatic nodes system is present throughout the body just like our circulatory system and in case the breast cancer tumor spreads to other parts, it is firstly evident in the lymph nodes in the underarms known as Axillary Lymph Nodes.

Sentinel Node Biopsy is the most common method used to detect the presence of tumors in lymph nodes. The early-stage symptom of knowing whether cancer has spread to the lymph nodes is they feel swollen or firm. You will be able to feel a prominently present lump in areas below your collarbone, breast bone or underarms.

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