This Article Will Change The Way You Witness Depression

There are two truths about Depression in the modern world that seem to blur many people's vision towards this mental disease. 

First is the wide-scale misapprehension of the painful mental disorder by almost anyone who is not even close to Depression. 

The second is the lack of awareness towards the disease, despite it being the buzz word among the Millenials. 

This Article Will Change The Way You Witness Depressio

Almost anyone you meet who is a bit stressed or mentally exhausted jumps to the conclusion that they are suffering from Depression. People need to understand that Depression is a disease and not style statement that they have to pick even if they are not going through it, just because celebrities are suffering from it. 

Another thing that people who don't suffer from Depression needs to understand is that patients don't have to look like drained crybabies whose dark circles scream about the loop of gloom they are dwindling with. A person may be the most cheerful in the room and still be suffering from Depression. 

Physical pain and diseases are painful, but they are recognizable, acknowledged by society and comes with quick medical recovery. 

And this is exactly what makes depression a survival struggle. Your friend sitting next to you, laughing and making jokes, might be suffering from severe depression and you won’t even be able to tell it. However, therapies and medicines can go a long way in helping people fighting in silence. 

This World Mental Health Day and International Depression Screening Day, we shall try to tell you some things that almost everyone misses about Depression. Take it easy and treat it like any other disease. 

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7 Things About Depression That Nobody Tells You 

1. It isn't just an illusion in the head

While it may be true that Depression is a psychological disorder and persists in a person's head, truth is- it is just not something that the sufferer makes up in mind. It is a well-defined disease in the medical industry and has it's exact causes, symptoms, and treatment. 

Ask a victim, and he will tell you that he can't just stop thinking about it in a click of a second to stop suffering from it. It is a mental complication that needs acknowledgment and, if not treated, can even lead to physical disparage to health. 

2. Depression is not equal to just sadness

It is not. While it sometimes is but you need to understand that Depression is something worse than being just sad.

It is the struggle of feeling absolutely nothing. There are episodes where you feel a wave of dark gloom, happiness, tension, fear, anxiety, and then suddenly you yearn to feel something. Anything, you need something to make you feel that you still have emotions and you are alive. 

It's not essential that one should be perpetually sad and under-enthusiastic to be recognized as depressed. There are good days that are just normal for the victims and bad days that are impossible to bear. It's a constant struggle that comes with a fight in all colors- black, white, grey, blue or yellow. 

3. Asking for help is more difficult than you think.

While the internet is flooded with one signature advice for every sufferer - talk it out, it's not that easy at it sounds. There are a plethora of fears and insecurities that surround the people before they try to be vocal about their pain. 

There is this constant fear of pushing people away by telling them that you are mentally unfit. 

A stronger factor that curbs the courage to talk about your Depression to someone is the fear of not being understood. When you experience the struggle so closely, it might make you cynical whether other people will even understand what the journey is actually like.  

4. It has nothing to do with daily activities.

Depression is the constant feeling of living with a burden on your back that you can't get rid of. There is this never-ending fear and pain in your stomach that either result in the person feeling nothing or feeling so profoundly that it kills.

It hampers the productivity and the interest of a person towards getting things done so massively that carrying out the easiest errands like grocery shopping requires mustering energy and courage. 

It drains the sufferer of excitement and interest, and if in your opinion, this isn't a productivity killer, then we don't know what is.

5. Losing People

To some extent, the struggling person pushes people away by socializing less. Rest, people themselves retreat because not everyone can tolerate the unending mood swings and constant negative thinking. 

But the catch is, not everyone you lose is a loss. The real people will stay despite all that draws a line of distance, and those are precisely the people you need in life. 

6. Like You Are Losing Your Mind

Depression is a battle with your own mind. Every new day comes with a conviction that it's all going out of your hands. You are going insane, and nothing can ever get right. Nothing troubles more than taking arms against your own mind. 

7. Doubting Yourself And The People Around You 

Self-confidence drains. You doubt even the people who love you and admire you. You question their love because you don't feel yourself worthy enough of being loved. Insecurities take you off like you have nothing good left in you, and this is one factor that affects the fighting spirit the most. 

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