erectile dysfunction, what should a partner do

Does your partner have erectile dysfunction? Are you looking for the best ways to support him? Then congrats, you have come to the right place. This article can be a great source of help for partners looking for tips to support their partners with erectile dysfunction (ED).

First of all, ED (also called impotence) is not uncommon these days. In fact, most men experience it after the age of 25 years, although occasionally.

Secondly, dealing with ED is not easy for anyone. Having a loving and supportive partner like you, who is seeking ways to help your partner is extremely rare and beautiful. 

The role of partners is very crucial in managing ED. Most guys have been blamed, shamed, laughed and teased by their past and present partners for their inability to get and maintain erections. Dealing with these things makes the journey of the guys even more difficult. It builds a sense of fear and tension in them, and they ultimately end up avoiding sex which is even more exacerbating.

This is How You Can Help Your Partner Overcome ED

So, how can you be a support system for your partner? What are the things you can do to keep him motivated? Without further ado, let me quickly discuss the things for helping your partner get through erectile dysfunction.

1. Don’t Take It Personally

Don’t brood over what you did wrong or you can no more turn him on. You may think that he is bored with you, not attracted to you, or anything like that. Well, it’s not about you. If he is with you, he is with you for a reason. In most cases, guys are so attracted to their partners, but their incapability to enjoy intimacies with you, makes them avoid sex or even avoid you.

If your partner is between the ages of 20 and 60, he may have erection problems once in a while due to stress or relationship problems. These occasional ED gets managed as soon as the situation becomes under control.

But when the erection problems become persistent, a man begins losing his confidence and self-esteem. He can be so frustrated in dealing with his own insecurities that he can start blaming or hurt you. Try to understand your partner, or else you will also create pointless stories in your head, which can further ruin your relationship.

Sexuality is something that is quite vulnerable, and an insinuating arena for our lives, problems with erection can trigger off a man's deepest core wounds relating to lovability and self-worth. They can become sensitive, melancholy or even self-justifying when this problem comes up before their partner.


2. Be Loving And Supportive

Compassion is an incredible tool that you can employ here. If he can’t get an erection, retaliate with love, affection, patience, and empathy. Deep in their heart, they are secretly distressed about dismaying you and negatively influencing what you think of him. 

In reality, he might worry that you would dislike him after knowing the truth. That - you are not satisfied with him. That you might leave him for someone who can get it up correctly, you can handle that spontaneous emotional reflex by nicely expressing wholehearted love. 

 You can consider replying in the following ways:

  • “That’s completely fine, baby.”
  • “I just like being with you and will be there for you always, no matter what!”
  • “I don’t know what you may be thinking right now, but I want you to know that I am not perturbed with you even in the slightest, and I love you so much…”

In a situation like ED, very few men are lucky enough to get total acceptance of their partner. Stay positive towards your partner and assure him that everything will be fine soon and that you can combat this situation together. When they feel loved and assured, they will deal with their insecurities better, and this will improve the relationship.

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3. Discover Other Ways To Connect

Sex is the fundamental way men connects emotionally with their partner. When they have erectile dysfunction, and they come to realize that they can no longer sexually satisfy their partner, they become sad, angry and frustrated. 

Yes, an erection is a crucial element in sex, but not everything. There are various other ways you can consider to enjoy sensual moments with your partner. Like:

  • Kiss
  • Cuddle
  • Practice oral sex
  • Let him go down on you

These things will make you and your partner feel loved and caressed. Your partner can be a little too sensitive because of the problems he is struggling with, but motivate him to breathe and relax, and feel the pleasure of the moment.


4. Talk About It

It is good to take the initiative and try innovative solutions, but in a citation like this, it is always better to talk about it rather than playing guessing games. 

Ask your partner if he needs anything from you or what can you do to make him feel better. He may just want an assurance that you are not troubled with him or that you will never leave him. Just do that bit and help your partner survive the situation easily.

You may have your own insecurities running on your mind, but saving this conversation for the future can be beneficial. 

Most guys having erectile dysfunction are ashamed of their inability to get aroused. In this case, don’t make them feel further shameful by pointing out their incapabilities. As a partner, you should bring out the best in them by supporting them in different phases of life. 


5. Encourage Him To Be Concerned About His Health

Due to uncontrolled cortisol levels, ED can be aggravated by poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, alcohol intake, lack of exercise, and eating excessive amounts of processed foods.

So in case, your partner smokes or drinks, assist him in ending these habits. If he rarely exercises, motivates him for exercising by assuring that you will also accompany him in physical activities. 

After all, what's good for his heart health is also good for his penile health. And what's good for his health is excellent for your shared sexual life. Moreover, if he is too stressed in his life, regular exercise would help him relieve all the stress, and also make his cardiovascular health and overall health better.

This means that he will not worry too much about performing well on the bed as he is way more relaxed and has the confidence to restore manliness.


6. Build A Plan

Try to know everything about erectile dysfunction regarding the causes, symptoms, and treatment. Several treatments are proved to be very useful in curing the condition. One of the most convenient methods of treatment is taking oral medications like Cenforce, Vidalista and Fildena. But make sure you don’t take any ED pills on your own as there are several factors to be considered while choosing the best treatment for erectile dysfunction.


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