6 ways Music Improves Sleep

Life is full of different emotions. Have you ever felt an urge to smile for no reason? Or cry when everything seems to be working fine? Though the emotions that we go through keep changing, the only entity that remains constant is music. Even if you find yourself in a big mess or you have just been promoted, music is the answer to all of your questions. According to certain studies, music has a soothing effect to the human mind. Sleep and music have a strong inter-related effect on each other. Music is the sole agent which acts naturally, to induce sleep in a human. Let us look at 6 different ways in which music helps us to get the optimum quantity and quality of sleep. 

 6 ways Music Improves Sleep

1. Helps in lowering Cortisol levels

The adrenal gland of our body secretes the hormone Cortisol. This cortisol is also known as the stress hormone as it induces stress in the human body. Cortisol also causes disturbed sleep due to disturbance in the normal hormonal levels of the body. Music helps in lowering cortisol levels by providing a soothing effect to the mind. Music also stimulates reduction of biochemical stress which certainly aid you in sleeping. Make sure to put some light music and sleep without the mental load you have been carrying.

2. Induces an intuitive reflex

Hearing to a lullaby while sleeping is a common experience we all have experienced. It is commonly seen that, during adulthood, if the same condition is made available to the human mind, it relays back to the childhood. This causes the human to fall into deep sleep.

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3. Reduces Body Pain

Many people complain of an aching pain in their legs, hands, head and other regions of their body. Broken sleep patterns are generally caused due to a constant body pain. Increased pain during sleeping causes the person to wake up. Music helps in relieving pain by activating the somato-sensory pathways. This helps in the distraction of the senses of the body towards music. This effect is similar to the one produced during acupuncture.

4. Reduces Anxiety

Have you ever been awake because of a next day seminar? Have you stayed awake awaiting a result? Anxiety is an acquired concept for humans. Humans seem to fall in the loop of overthinking and anxiety. The only way to escape this infinite loop, is by listening to a soothing playlist. Music reduces anxiety levels and produces a calming effect. This effect is comparable to a massage.

I am sure that when you are devoid of anxiety, calm sleep is ought to follow.

5. Treats Depression

Depression is a mental monster. It lets the mind believe that each and everything is tearing apart. Not only does the type and genre of music affect the change of mood, the volume also plays an important part in it. Genres like classical, soothing and meditation music will help you through this bitter phase. Depression is one of the most psyche things which prevents sleep. It keeps the mind exhausted yet working. This results in a disturbed sleep.

6. Helps Reduce Nervousness

Have you heard of brilliant stage actors and actresses taking a nap before a big event? Yes these people listen to soothing music such as opera, in order to get rid of the nervousness encountered before a major event. The nap helps them in relieving stress and helps them perform at a peak condition. It helps them lower their spiking blood pressure which is usually bad for the brain.

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