how to get rid of stretch marks

The most common sign of post-pregnancy is stretch marks that fade but never disappear completely. They are little tears in the layers of skin. It happens in your pregnancy when your fast-growing body stretches over a period of time. You may have these marks on your tummy, breasts or abdomen. Mostly, the areas that are prone to fat accumulation like breasts, hips, tummy, abdomen are affected by it. They may also develop due to the hormonal changes or sudden fat loss in those areas.

Who gets stretch marks?

If you also have these types of marks, this means you are doing good. About 90% of women get these types of marks to post their sixth or seventh month of the gestation period. If your mother had them, then you may also get it as genetics play a major role in it. If your complexion is lighter, you will develop pink-colored marks. Dark-skinned women get these marks lighter than their skin complexion.

There are 8 ways through which you can prevent the stretch marks postpartum:

1. Using Natural Oils: Massaging your body with effective oils can smoothen your skin and also help reduce the marks to a great extent. There are various oils that you can opt for like olive oil, Vitamin E oil, Castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and many more. All you have to do is take the oil, add a few drops of essential oil like rose, geranium, etc. Use this mixture for at least 30 minutes. It will help reduce the marks quickly.

2. Honey: The antiseptic properties found in honey helps in alleviating the signs of pregnancy. You can take a small cloth and apply honey to it. Place the cloth on the affected area and let it remain until it turns dry. Rinse off with warm water. You can also make the honey scrub with glycerin and salt and apply it on your tummy.

3. Aloe Vera: With its soothing properties, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks. It promotes healing and shows visible results within a few days. You can cut its leaf in half and extract all the gel. Apply it to the affected area and massage until it is absorbed in the skin. Do not rinse it away for a few hours.

4. Petroleum Jelly: Massaging it on the skin for 5-10 minutes helps to reduce the marks. It is an occlusive agent which means that it locks the moisture in the skin which eventually heals dry and stretched skin.

5. Egg Whites: Take 1-2 eggs and a pastry brush. Beat the eggs lightly and apply it with the help of the brush on your tummy. You can also add drops of coconut oil in it. They are rich in protein which helps rejuvenate the skin and make it look fresh.

6. Water: If you want to erase the stretch marks and other skin conditions, consume at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated. It will protect you from toxins. It keeps your skin supple and also restores its elasticity.



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