how to ensure safe pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time of utmost well-being for not just woman but both the partners. Having a baby is the most exciting thing that happens to you. It is a time when you enjoy all the attention and pamper yourself. But pregnancy comes with the responsibility of a child and everything that is done is done by keeping in mind the development of the baby. There are a few points that can help in having a safe pregnancy. 


1. Stay active

Yoga, walking and stretching exercises are said to be the safe during pregnancy. According to many studies, exercise during healthy pregnancy has a positive effect on mother and fetus and some even say that it throws positive effect on the child as well. This indicates that children of exercising mother grow and maintain good body mass index as compared to those children with non-exercising mother. It also helps in a weight management of a mother.  For pregnant women there are many other benefits of doing regular exercise such as

  • Helps in reducing back pain
  • Reduce swelling and leg cramps
  • Decreases the chances of constipation
  • Improve sleep patterns

Staying active is important but every pregnant woman should take extra precautions while doing it. Also, there are certain exercises you should avoid such as weights, sports, bouncing, excessive twisting etc..

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2. Nutritious food

Nutrients act as a building block of the body. When women are pregnant then along with her own body she has to take care of her unborn baby as well.  A healthy diet is important for everyone but healthy eating is extremely important during pregnancy. Women experience many changes during pregnancy and good nutrition is needed to fulfil the demands of the changing body. Healthy eating has major benefits for mother as well as for an unborn baby. Nutrients act as a fuel for baby’s growth and mother’s diet has a direct effect on the development of the baby. Getting enough nutrients during not only safeguards mother’s health but it also contributes to the development of an unborn baby.


3. Avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and drinking can act as a risk factor for an unborn baby. Smoking is considered to be a most harmful environmental risk factor that is encountered by an unborn baby and a consumption of alcohol can alter the brain development of a child. It also increases baby’s risk of various birth defects and damage can be long lasting. Also, smoking doubles the risk of giving a birth to low weight baby. Several studies agree that pregnant women are likely to face an abortion and they also agree to the fact that children of women who smoked during their pregnancy are at more risk of obesity in childhood and adult life.  


4. Stress

Stress leads to an increase in a stress hormone, cortisol which affects the fetal environment and causes complications with an unborn and stress may adversely affect the future of the baby. This can vary from a severe stress caused such as a death of someone, problems in the relationship with a partner etc.. But both acute as well as chronic stress has some impact on the child. Also, stress that continues for a long time increases the chances of having a premature baby or a low weight baby.


5. Reduce the consumption of caffeine

Many researchers say that pregnant women have three times slower caffeine metabolism as compared to non pregnant women. High level of caffeine during pregnancy can lead to low birth weight and can also increase the risk of health problem.

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