There! The season which dehydrates the life out of you only after an hour in the sun is already here. The season of luscious mangoes and delightful watermelons needs to be conquered with various tips and techniques in order to keep oneself healthy and glowing. The skin, being one of the most vital and sensitive organs needs extensive care and pampering especially during the awful hot days of summer and humid days of monsoon. Before you long for charming warm mornings and shoreline occasions, think about the repulsiveness in store for your skin. Indeed, the midyear warmth can wreak ruin on your skin, prompting dull spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, and tanning. Fortunately for you, we have some master counsel on beating the warmth this late spring and remaining excellent. 

11 Ways to keep your Skin Healthy and Glowly this Summer


No worries! Follow the 11 given tips to save your delicate skin this summer. 


1. Hydration is The Key


It is during the season of summer that our body’s rate of perspiration is on the peak. Be it in the form of sweat, breathing or urine, our body loses a considerable amount of water due to the heat. Though extensive sweating may help keep the body cool, it also makes the skin more prone to acne, rashes, and allergies. Hence the most important suggestion is to consume a good amount of water and juices to maintain the water level of the body. Besides, fruits which contain high levels of water like watermelons and cucumbers are a brilliant snack idea in summers. They not only keep the body hydrated but also provide with a large number of vitamins and minerals that keep the skin glowing. 


2. Keep it Minimum


It is extremely necessary to cut down on heavy makeup during this season of heatwaves. Our fragile skin needs to breathe through the pores in order to stay fresh and supple. Heavy makeup tends to block the pores of the skin preventing it from breathing, hence making it susceptible to irritation and acne. Light organic cosmetics should be used at those times when makeup is unavoidable. However, it is better not to use pore covering cosmetics like primers, concealers, and foundations. Eye makeup too should be avoided. 


3. Eat Healthy 


Summers affect our digestive and absorption system too. It is advisable not to indulge in spicy foods in summer. Also, junk and packaged foods tend to make the skin more oily and nasty. Apart from drinking lots of water and juices, fiber-rich foods like spinach, oats, beetroots, bananas must be consumed. Besides, foods rich in antioxidants like berries, citrus foods, cabbage, and beans must be eaten on a regular basis in order to intoxicate the body of harmful substances which make the skin dull. 

4. Avoid The Sun


The sun is on its most blazing incarnation in summer. Although one can’t totally prevent going outdoors during the day, it is best to stay at home from 11 a.m to 3 p.m when the heat of the sun reaches the maximum. Too many hours under the blazing sun makes our body susceptible to the harmful effects of U.V rays. This leads to substantial tanning and abnormal pigmentation that cannot be cured easily. Extensive advent of U.V rays may also cause skin cancer. Even if one needs to go out in the sun, it is important to apply good quality sunscreen and cover the face and exposed parts of the body. Goggles are also important for the eye and eye region. 

5. Exfoliate to Extricate


The summer weather not only makes the ambiance humid but also dry and extremely dusty at times. After spending not-so-blissful hours outdoors, it is obligatory to scrub and exfoliate the skin of dust and harmful particles that undesirably stick and clog the pores of the skin. Exfoliation also helps to remove dead skin cells, making the skin look more vibrant. Daily exfoliation with a mild scrub is requisite as it removes tanning on a regular basis. Not scrubbing for a few days may lead to excessive tanning which might be too difficult to get rid of. However, care should be taken and one should not scrub too hard on the skin. This may again lead to unwanted problems. 

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6. Moisture to Nourish


It is a common misconception that one does not need to apply moisturizers in summer. But! It is imperative to moisturize the skin using a light organic moisturizer in order to prevent the skin from drying up during excessive heat. Dry summers lead to skin cracking and patchiness. Hence moisturizing is necessary after a face wash as it will help to keep the skin soft and supple. However, care should be taken that one does not apply the creamy heavy moisturizers made for winter days. 


7. Night Pampering


At least fifteen minutes of the soothing and breezy summer nights should be given to the care and pampering of our skin. Get rid of all dust and makeup with a gentle scrub. A mild toner or cleanser might also be used to clear the pores of the skin. A good face pack should also be used twice a week to cool the skin. It is at night that the skin gets to breathe and rest, away from all the dust and pollution. Therefore let your sleep be advantageous to your skin too! 

8. Take Care, Head to Toe


One should not only pay attention to the face, hands and other exposed parts but also to the entire body. A good gentle bath is obligatory every day, and the entire body should be moisturized and nourished. Sweaty areas like underarms and the groin area must be taken special care of in order to prevent foul smells and infections. 


9. Ditch Synthetics


Who wants to stay uncomfortable and sweaty all day long? Hence it is best to set aside all synthetic clothes and go for cotton ones. Cotton, being porous, absorbs and evaporates out the sweat. Besides, one should preferably wear light-colored clothes, since dark colors absorb heat readily. It is advisable to wear covered clothes, although light dresses and skirts might feel comfortable. 

10. Say Googbye to Stress


One of the biggest reasons behind dull and damaged skin is stress. Stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol encourage the increased production of sweat and sebum which makes the skin oily and dull. Despite extensive skincare, a stressed-out person might not be able to get good results on his/her skin. Therefore, ultimately the key to a glowy and supple skin lies within the person himself. 

11. Pile Up On Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera acts a blessing for a lot of skin issues. Amid summers, particularly, it transforms into a relieving medicine, chilling your skin in the wake of a difficult day in the sun. Aloe Vera is mitigating and saturating. It quiets the skin and sustains it strongly. It likewise contains cell reinforcements that shield your skin from harm.


Either cull new aloe Vera and scoop the gel from the leaf to apply it to your skin, or you can browse the numerous aloe Vera products accessible in the market.

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