High blood pressure invites various life-threatening diseases like strokes, heart failures, cardiovascular problems, aneurysm or kidney failure. Living with it could be a hassle for us as it disturbs the entire lifestyle. One of the reasons behind hypertension is diet. It is hard to change your dietary habits if once you get accustomed to it. If you also have hypertension, you need to swap your diet with healthy food items that are enriched with high nutrients.

The role of blood pressure is to maintain the flow of blood across every tissue and organ of the body. A healthy blood pressure maintains the equilibrium in the body and regulates the flow of blood. Often the phenomenon that manages the flow of blood may weaken and lead to the spike in the blood pressure and create havoc in your vascular system. High blood pressure is one of the main reasons which is causing casualties in The United States of America. According to a study, about 70-75 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure, one in every three men has the complaint. More than 1000 deaths occur every day due to high blood pressure.

What food items  show spike  in blood pressure.

Diet plays an important role in influencing your blood pressure level. Following are some common food items that could raise your blood pressure level:

  • Processed Foods: These food items generally have a high percentage of salt in it as compared to the normal ones. Prepackaged meats are usually loaded with sodium. They include hot dogs, chips, pickled foods, pretzels, popcorns, peanuts etc. They can deplete the body of essential nutrients over time.
  • Fatty Foods:  According to the studies conducted, fatty foods have played an important role in increasing the level of your blood pressure. Food items which are rich in fat eventually increase the cholesterol level in the body and make you gain weight. Cholesterol-rich diet when taken makes your arteries narrow and increase the risk of stroke. Butter, Almonds, Salmon etc are some food items that are rich in fat and must be avoided.
  • Frozen Food:  Pizzas, Chicken strips etc are some frozen food that may be convenient and inexpensive and may have a longer shelf-life but they contain about 1,000 mg of Sodium. Since sodium is considered as extremely harmful to the patients with hypertension, it must be prevented to have on a regular basis.
  • Alcohol: If taken in moderation, alcohol could not harm you but if an excessive amount of alcohol is taken, it could affect you on dangerous levels. More than 3 drinks could eventually raise your blood pressure level and binge drinking regularly could influence the circulation system in your body and effectively increase the level of your blood pressure.
  • Sugar: It is found naturally or artificially in all the food items that you eat. It is vital to reduce the intake of sugar as it only makes you gain weight and nothing more that. Obese people may increase the chances of the rise in their blood pressure. Some of the products that have a large amount of sugar include:

               1. Candies

               2. Pastries

               3. Soft Drinks

               4Chocolates etc.

On the one hand, where candies have nothing more than sugar and coloring agent, pastries are also loaded with sugar and fat. The amount of fat is highest in soft drinks and chocolates equally are dangerous for the blood pressure as it creates a sudden rise.

  • Canned Tomato Products: Products like ketchup, pastes, sauces are often loaded with salt and sugar which together is hazardous to the health. The canned tomato products contain about 1300 mg of sodium and give a rise to the blood pressure.
  • Red Meat: It is seasoned with salt to improve the rich flavor of the meat. It sounds delicious but has a high amount of fat in it that could sharply increase your blood pressure.

If you want to regulate your blood pressure, you may have to make a lot of sacrifices. But in order to stay fit and happy heart, it is better to find some alternative that is better for your lifestyle as well. It is never too late to get rid of the habits that are affecting you in a negative way. Improve your choices and stay happy and healthy.