Which Healthy Water Is Best To Drink?

This post is all about water and which is the healthiest kind of water that you should drink. There is a lot of myths around what kind of water you should drink and why, so let us dive deep into this subject. 

Some of the MYTHS around distilled water and reverse osmosis water are:

Myths Surrounding Distilled Water

1. Distilled water is basically rain. The sun on the oceans, lakes, streams, rivers, ponds, etc. causes evaporation of water molecules that go up in the clouds and then rain down as distilled water. 

Now in today's time, due to a lot of pollution in the atmosphere and the upper atmosphere, you may worry a little about the rainwater, but you should wait for at least 10-15 minutes before you can start collecting the rainwater in very clean containers. 

This is probably almost as good as distilled water in glass containers which you get in the market or distilled water that you may produce at your household. One of the big myths is that distilled water or reverse osmosis water since they do not have anything in them, leech the minerals that are already present in your body. 

They will leech the calcium out of your bones and give you osteoporosis. When you take a drink of distilled water in your mouth, swallow it into your esophagus and by the time it hits your stomach, it has been exposed to enough sodium and chloride that it is going to be completely saturated with these minerals. 

Hence you do not have to worry about distilled water sucking away your minerals and vitamins. 

Which Healthy Water Is Best To Drink

2. Another myth is that distilled or reverses osmosis water is very acidic in their composition and they will make your blood and your tissues very acidic which is not good for your body. 

Distilled water has a pH of exactly 7 and there is no argument in that if reverse osmosis water is left out in the air it may soak up carbon dioxide out of that very air and into it which might lower its pH level. 

If you swallow that water, it will not make a difference. Your stomach pH is more acidic not just by a little bit, but by the orders of magnitude hence the acidic distilled water makes no difference in your body whatsoever. 

By the time the water is absorbed by the small intestine, your body cannot tell if it is rainwater, distilled water, reverse osmosis water or tap water except for when there are contaminants in the water. 

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3. Another big myth is that you will need to drink alkaline water to have better health. Water is a pH level of 9 in general which makes it very alkaline and by the time it reaches your stomach all the alkaline is canceled. 

Hence you do not need alkaline water only because the pH level of your gastric acid is very high and this does not make any difference if the water is alkaline or not. If someone is worried about acidity they should also stop drinking tea and coffee as they have a ph level of 4. 

Which Healthy Water Is Best To Drink

Some of the TRUTHS about water are:

If you get spring water or well water that is not contaminated then they are a really good source of minerals and vitamins. The city water or the municipal water only have chlorine and fluoride as minerals. 

It might have a tiny bit of calcium and magnesium but there are not going to be any meaningful minerals in the municipally sourced water. If you buy mineral water in a glass container then you might have more minerals. 

But still, if you look at the back you will be shocked to find out very few minerals in the water that is labeled as mineral water. So since we need minerals and electrolytes we ought to get them from the food we eat or by adding in electrolyte supplements which we often do to make sure we are getting enough. 

Another fact is that you should not drink water available in packaged plastic bottles as even though they may be labeled as safe levels of plastic. The risk of getting bacterial infections from the use and reuse of plastic bottles is high. 

These bottles also leech chemicals into your water after a couple of uses. If the bottle is not cleaned thoroughly then it may be a safe haven to bacteria from your mouth. Opt for water that is packaged in glass bottles as they are a much safer means to store water and it would not contaminate it in any manner.

Water that is full of electrolytes and minerals are in general proven to have weight loss effects. Water can also help you manage your weight as staying hydrated is a good way to understand when your body is hungry and needs food. This practice will increase your metabolism and energy. If you are ever feeling low on energy or are suddenly slumpy at any time of the day it is better to have a glass of water because water has almost everything it needs to keep our body systems functioning in the long run. 

Contaminants that are typically found in drinking water are zero in spring water and is considered to be free of most. Springwater also comprises a level of minerals that is lucrative to the well-being of most living things. 

Water-rich in minerals will usually have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH. It should be a priority to rigorously research the packaging companies to know about their water source and how often is the water tested for pollutants.

While Spring water contains minerals similar to those in Mineral Water, be sure to check the packaging company’s details listed and see if the water you’re drinking is bottled from, as in most cases, all it takes for water to be labeled as Springwater is that it “comes from water that flows to the surface from a clean underground water source.”

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