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Protect Your Erection: 10 Natural Ways to Help Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) becomes more common as men age. But it is not necessarily a normal part of ageing. Here is how to avoid erectile dysfunction and protect your potency: 

1. Watch what you eat

A wrong diet for a man’s heart also does not fit his capability to have erections.

Studies have shown that the same diet routines that can induce heart attacks due to limited blood flow in the coronary arteries can also prevent blood flow to and inside the penis. The blood flow is necessary for the penis to become erect. Diets that involve very few fruits and vegetables simultaneously with lots of fatty, deep-fried, and processed foods can add to reduced blood circulation throughout the body. 

Anything detrimental to a man’s heart is also damaging to his penis.

Recent researches show that Erectile Dysfunction is comparatively uncommon among men who have a conventional Mediterranean diet, which incorporates fruits, whole grains, vegetables, heart-healthy fats including nuts and olive oil, seafood, and wine, especially red.

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The connection between the Mediterranean diet and enhanced sexual function has been established.

Eat heart-healthy food

Physical exercise and dietary enhancements better promote heart health and thus help sexual health better than either solo. 

Strive for a plant-based diet with loads of fruits and veggies, whole grains, and lean protein low on fats and sugar. A balanced diet is essential to keep blood sugar under check. That can further restrict diabetes, a significant contributor to Erectile Dysfunction, and decrease other cardiovascular risk factors. Likewise, for men who have been diagnosed with diabetes, decent blood glucose restriction is key to saving their leftover erectile function and preventing Erectile Dysfunction from getting more severe.

Ordinarily speaking, heart-healthy diets, like Mediterranean and DASH diets, are often on the list of recommendations. But make sure to select an eating model that best accommodates you and that you can maintain. 

2. Sustain a healthy weight.

Being obese can bring various health problems, including type 2 diabetes, which can provoke nerve damage throughout the body. If diabetes impairs the nerves that provide the penis, Erectile Dysfunction can occur.

Maintain a healthy weight

If you’re overweight, shedding pounds can benefit you. Stocking extra calories is another factor that affects a man’s overall fitness and significantly boosts his odds of developing ED.

A study discovered that most men with Erectile Dysfunction, or 79 percent according to at least one Polish study, are obese. Weight status may have a more significant influence on sexual function than age. 

The risk of Erectile Dysfunction goes up in level with an individual’s BMI – or body mass index. The Polish study assessing the connection between Erectile Dysfunction and weight states that having a BMI over 30 – considered overweight – was affiliated with a three times higher risk of sexual dysfunction.

The best strategy is to keep a healthy weight. Or, if you’re stocking added pounds, embrace a healthy lifestyle – including staying active and eating healthy – that promotes sustainable weight loss.

Stay active outside the bedroom too.

Physical activity could help counter erectile dysfunction itself. Studies find that exercise, even quick walking, can reduce Erectile Dysfunction in a multi-pronged way. That involves assisting with losing pounds and also enhancing heart health. By contrast, other studies discover that physical inactivity can weaken erectile function. 

Harm to vessels, like endothelial dysfunction – which happens when the inner lining (endothelium) of blood vessels is damaged – can arise with an inactive lifestyle. Consequently, erectile dysfunction can become intense as the severity of endothelial dysfunction increments.

But it’s often likely for men to see some development and even defeat mild Erectile Dysfunction – where erections aren’t what they were but aren’t non-existent either. Erectile Dysfunction and endothelial dysfunction could be enhanced with physical exercise.

According to federal physical activity guidelines, men should strive for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts. This could incorporate brisk walking, biking at a moderate speed (10 – 12 miles an hour), or dancing.

Get longer sleep

Most health specialists accept that there are usually only two activities a bedroom should be utilized for, i.e. sleep and sex. It shouldn’t be used for working on a laptop or watching Netflix into the wee hours of the day.

Besides destroying the mood, any intrusion that hinders restful sleep costs the body and mind and inhibits peak performance. Not getting enough rest is connected with an enhanced rate of a wide range of health complications, from depression to high blood pressure. These same underlying problems, as well as tiredness solely, can add to Erectile Dysfunction. If you and your companion are sleep denied, you may be too exhausted for sex anyway.

That’s all the more motivation to at least try to get your suggested 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Most adults don’t. So make sure your bedroom is a serene, shady, screen-free shelter.

Manage stress

You know that being in stress can make your communications with your partner tenser. It can also divert your brain from making physiological changes when you’re together, like enhancing blood flow to the penis required to obtain an erection. 

Chronic stress can force up levels of the hormone cortisol, which can reduce your desire for sex. And it can add to mood concerns, like depression, that also cause Erectile Dysfunction.

Even young individuals who don’t have any cardiovascular risk can often have trouble with erections and erectile dysfunction due to their stressors. Stress goes hand in hand with the absence of connection with the body and not getting adequate rest.

Relaxing down and the following mindfulness can support you to become more in harmony with your body and mind. You get a much more enjoyable whack for your buck when you have an overall fit lifestyle and address your mental and emotional health.

Make your mental health a priority.

In addition to handling stress, it’s important to discuss any other mental health affairs, including depression and anxiety. Psychological barriers are mood killers and add to erectile dysfunction.

A healthy lifestyle – again, staying active, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep – can all help. But it’s essential to seek expert help for resolute mood or anxiety problems. 

Generally, therapy and medicine are prescribed. Just be sure to ask about sexual side effects – including erectile dysfunction – if you’re appointed medications such as antidepressants. Even though there aren’t always great options, other drugs may still be helpful and not have the same influence on your sexual life.

3. Avoid high cholesterol and high blood pressure

High cholesterol and high blood pressure can harm blood vessels, including those carrying blood to the penis. Ultimately, this may lead to erectile dysfunction.

Make sure your physician checks your cholesterol levels and blood pressure. You might also want to monitor your blood pressure between doctor appointments. Some shops and fire stations give free screenings. Blood pressure monitors are also present in the market for home usage.

If your cholesterol or blood pressure is out of the blow, consult a doctor.

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Blood pressure drugs can make it challenging to obtain an erection. But doctors say many instances of erectile dysfunction that get indicted on these drugs are induced by arterial damage ensuing from high blood pressure (also called hypertension).

4. Drink alcohol in balance or not at all

There is no proof that light or moderate alcohol consumption is detrimental to erectile function. But chronic heavy drinking can cause liver injury, nerve damage, and other conditions — such as hindering the average balance of male sex hormone levels can result in erectile dysfunction.

Curb alcohol

Alcohol – mainly when drunk in excess – can also cause sexual dysfunction.

So it’s always best for your overall health and your sex life to drink in balance, for men, that suggests having no more than 2 drinks per day. 

5. Keep tabs on testosterone.

Even in healthy men, testosterone levels often start declining distinctly around age 50. Every year after age 40, a man’s testosterone level typically drops about 1.3%.

Symptoms like a weak sex drive, lack of stamina, moodiness, or difficulty making judgments recommend a testosterone deficiency, as do dull erections. Your doctor can check on that.

6. Don’t rely on Kegels

One kind of exercise that doesn’t look effective as Kegel exercises comprises repeatedly contracting and easing the muscles in the pelvis. Kegels can be effective for men and women suffering from incontinence. But there’s no confirmation that they counter erectile dysfunction.

7. Dodge anabolic steroids

These drugs, often misused by sportsmen and bodybuilders, can shrivel the testicles and weaken their ability to produce testosterone.

8. If you smoke, stop!

Smoking cigarettes can hurt blood vessels and restrict blood flow to the penis. And nicotine makes blood vessels contract, which can impede blood flow to the penis.

9. Steer clear of risky sex.

Accept it or not, some instances of erectile dysfunction stem from penile fractures that transpire during sex. Taking your time and bypassing certain positions can benefit you. It may be difficult, but consider talking to your doctor about what to do and, more importantly, what not to do. 

10. Curb stress.

Emotional stress increases levels of the hormone adrenaline, which makes blood vessels contract. That can be bad news for an erection. Anything a man can do to release tension and respond better emotionally is inclined to give his sex life a big hike. 


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