Payment Security

At CheapMedicineShop, maintaining the highest standards of payment security is a top priority.

Our pharmacy understands the value of money and prioritizes the protection of your valuable financial information.

Confidentiality Assurance

CheapMedicineShop makes use of advanced SSL encryption technology. 

It converts your data into a code that only authorized people can understand.

This ensures the confidentiality and security of online transactions. Thus, it is impossible to steal card details or temper with the gateway as all that information is encrypted multi-dimensionally.

Our payment gateway is certified by VISA, and we rigorously adhere to the Payment Card Industry guidelines.

Please note that we do not retain any information entered during the payment process in our database. 

Our backend team is strictly prohibited from accessing or collecting any customer's personal information without a valid reason. 

You can trust our payment gateway, and we guarantee that your card details and identity information will remain undisclosed from our end. However, in case of any legal issue, we may have to do so.  

Anti-Spam Policy

We fully support and comply with anti-spam regulations at CheapMedicineShop.

We refrain from sending promotional emails to customers unless they have explicitly consented to receiving such information during account creation. 

Subscribers may receive our website newsletter once a month. It is focused on informing about new products or services only if they have subscribed to it. 

If you receive any promotional emails that you deem inappropriate, please contact us immediately. We will promptly investigate the matter and discontinue such communications.

CheapMedicineShop is dedicated to educating and raising awareness about spam emails. 

This commitment ensures a safe browsing experience for visitors to our website, safeguarding them against fraudulent activities. 

Here are some fundamental ways to avoid spam messages and emails:

  • Exercise caution and remain vigilant
  • Refrain from engaging with abusive emails
  • Enable spam blockers
  • Unsubscribe from unwanted subscriptions
  • Acknowledge and manage cookies
  • Utilize IP locks
  • Maintain professionalism in your online activities
  • Keep software and systems updated regularly

Feel free to make any additional adjustments as needed