Terms and Conditions

CheapMedicineShop urges you to carefully review the terms and conditions outlined below before engaging in any transactions with us. 

Please note that CheapMedicineShop reserves the right to modify its website, rules, and regulations at any time without prior notice. 

It is advised to review the updated policies and conditions each time before buying from us.

Products Offered

  • CheapMedicineShop sources its products from reputable manufacturers in India and other countries, ensuring compliance with FDA/WHO standards.
  • Buyers are allowed to place bulk orders for personal use only, strictly prohibiting resale.

Product Quality and Composition

  • The generic drugs offered by CheapMedicineShop maintain a chemical composition similar to their counterparts in the US. 
  • Indian pharmaceutical companies obtain licenses from the primary pharmaceutical companies for patented prescription drugs, and then put them up for sale at a low price.

Billing and Order Updates

  • Upon purchase, your credit card will be immediately billed, and you will receive an email confirming payment details. 
  • Please note that we do not dispatch orders within 24 hours so as to provide you with the possibility to update, change or cancel your address and/or ordered item.

User Agreement

  • By utilizing our services, users acknowledge that the medicines purchased are for personal use and not intended for resale. 
  • The user understands and agrees that the medicines are manufactured and packed in various countries. The country of origin is evidently mentioned on the package.
  • Users must consult a healthcare professional before consuming any medication. 
  • By utilizing our services, you agree to abide by all local and international laws regarding the purchase and use of pharmaceutical products. 
  • In the event of any issues with an order, users are required to contact CheapMedicineShop in the first place.

Acceptance of Terms

  • By buying from our online medical store, you are voluntarily agreeing to the above mentioned terms and conditions. 
  • Your usage indicates that you have thoroughly reviewed all policy sections of CheapMedicineShop and consent to them.

Your Personal Information

  • We prioritize your privacy and confidentiality. 
  • The information collected from customers is utilized solely to enhance their shopping experience. 
  • We assure you that personally identifiable information will not be shared with any third party unless mandated by law.
  • To safeguard customer privacy, CheapMedicineShop employs SSL encryption technology to protect all personally identifiable information during transmission. Credit card details are stored in an encrypted database that is not connected to the internet to ensure safety and confidentiality.disconnected from the internet.

Your Consent

  • By using our services, you consent to the collection and utilization of your personally identifiable information as described in our Privacy Policy
  • Any revisions to this policy will be promptly updated on this page to keep customers informed.

Your Feedback

We value your feedback. For any queries or opinions regarding our terms and conditions, please contact us via email at feedback@cheapmedicineshop.com.

Shipping Policy

Shipping Fees and Timeframes

All orders are subject to shipping fees based on the consignment's weight. Please allow up to 4 working days for shipping.

Rate Modifications

Shipping rates and policies are subject to change due to factors beyond our control.

Default Shipping Address

The default shipping address is the most recent address used for shipping. However, you have the option to modify or change your shipping address by selecting the "Select A Different Address" button. 

You will be given two options- you can either select a different address from the addresses stored or you can add a new address.

Our Drug Policy

CheapMedicineShop strictly prohibits the shipment of Narcotics or controlled substances, including (but not limited) to Benzodiazepines, to any of its customers.