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Benefits of Yoga for Men’s Mental Health can Change Lives!

man performing a yoga asana for health benefits

Insecurity and social stigma have prohibited men from accepting their vulnerabilities. The gender stereotype of portraying men as the strong ones have created a hue about the emotional viabilities of men.  Where yoga has proved its efficacy in physical well-being, its mental aspects remain undermined. The benefits of yoga for men can enable them to break … Read more

How Can Depression Ruin Your Sex Life?

A woman facing symptoms of depression that is affecting her sex life.

Depression can adversely affect sexual relationships. It can interfere with our partner’s ability to feel emotionally secure and it can rob us of our desire for and enjoy the sexual connection. Depression is a very common illness, in spite of social stigma. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Trusted Source (CDC), some … Read more

Stress: A Slow Dose Of Poison

How does stress affect your health?

We, the inhabitants of the exasperated 21st century have turned a deaf ear to the word ‘STRESS’. It may seem bizarre but even the most educated and refined of us are not aware and well-cultivated on the banes of this hazardous ailment. Yes, that’s right! Stress is not just desolation or agony but it also … Read more

Problems that may affect emotional understanding with your partner

A couple undergoing therapy

In every couple’s life the emotional understanding, sentimental intimacy and emotional openness is a very important and major requirement for a successful relationship. The importance of emotional understanding is as important as the physical relationship between both man and woman in married life. The emotional understanding adds optimistic feelings in a relationship and helps build … Read more

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