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Women above 45 years of Age may be at Risk

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If you are a woman above 45 years of age, you need to be more aware of health issues and women’s health care.  A woman above 45 years of age goes through a transitional phase that happens naturally within the body. To remain healthy, an additional diet and a healthy lifestyle are very important after this age. The diet should consist of important vitamins and minerals to remain healthy. The treatment should be taken on time; proper avoidance of food and good women’s health care schedule for the prevention of common diseases is needed.

With the increasing age, women’s health concerns also increase. They need proper guidance and support in a timely manner. This prevents any diseases that may occur. Timely treatment for such disease helps in easy recovery for various women’s health kind care issues.

1. Blood pressure: It is very important that a regular blood pressure check-up should be done. 120 / 80 to you 139 /89; if the blood pressure is within this range then you should keep a regular diet and daily fitness regime to be continued. But if the blood pressure levels are above 140 / 90 then and you should consult with the physician timely and on a priority basis.

2.  Diabetes: if your Glucose level count  is 100 before lunch and 125 after lunch then you should consult the doctor. It is very important to have a balance Glucose level for the proper maintenance of a Healthy Lifestyle. You should also go for the HBA1C test to avoid certain women health issues. This test will monitor the levels of glycemic control and will check the average blood glucose level.

3. Thyroid: women after 35 years of age get more prone to thyroid disease. If a woman gains weight very fast and that too within a few days without any change in the diet or exercise in the stress level increases. If this combines with the high levels of cholesterol then women are advised to consult a doctor on an urgent basis to avoid this women health issue.

4. Women above 45 years of age and Osteoporosis: The women tend to avoid sunlight many a time which leads them to diseases like osteoporosis. The less intake of calcium-rich diet also leads to osteoporosis disease and increases the chances of more women’s health issues. Therefore, women should always intake calcium supplements or a full of calcium nutrients in their diet along with some consumption of Sunlight daily to avoid this women’s health care problem.

5. Menopause: At the age of 45-50 years, there are major hormonal changes that take place in women. For this, it is advised to have a brisk walk of around 45 minutes which will prevent the different side effects of menopause on the body. A hormone named ‘serotonin’ is secreted in the body while doing brisk walking. This hormone is responsible for happy mood-boosting which helps in dealing with mood swings at this age. To remain healthy in this stage it is advised to take milk, yoghurt and egg in your diet. Regular intake of these helps in dealing with menopause-related women’s health issues.

6. Iron: for the development of red blood cells iron is of utmost importance. It increases haemoglobin levels. Due to this more oxygen is transported to various body organs, nerves, muscles and bones which are very much required to stay healthy. A good diet intake of spinach, beans, green leafy vegetables, beetroot and soya beans are advised. These are food rich in iron nutrition and help to maintain iron levels in the body. Hence, a good approach to women’s health care.

7. Calcium: calcium is very important for the growth, development and maintenance of bones and muscles in our body. A good diet intake that includes milk, yoghurt, cauliflower, broccoli and peanut is advised by a doctor. If regular consumption of all these foods is taken in the proper amount then the diseases like cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure can be prevented easily and conveniently.

8. Vitamin D: A proper vitamin D level makes our bones strong. It helps a lot in maintaining weight management. Women majorly deal with the problem of weight management. Some deal with weight loss issues and other deals with weight gain problems. Vitamin D is essential nutrition which is really required in our body for proper maintenance of growth and development of muscles, immunity level, blood flow throughout the body. Consumption of 15 minutes of Sunlight daily is advised for a good intake of Vitamin D within the body. It is a simple source with free access, therefore, it should be taken daily. Other than this good diet consisting of milk, yoghurt, mushroom and eggs are very beneficial for the deficiency of vitamin D or to have prevention of these nutrients in the body.

To understand what kind of women’s health issues and women’s health care concerns can affect the body after 45 years of age, women need to go for a routine check-up done a timely.  They need to take some minerals and vitamins in more quantities for this age-based various women’s health issues.

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