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Ray Of Sunshine Is All Your Health Needs

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There is a reason why we call things that makes us happy, sunshine. We are what our health allows us to be. And if something gives an excellent shape to health, there is no better source of happiness than it. There are numerous benefits that our body derives from the sunlight and therefore, it is advisable to make it a deal to spend at least a little amount of time in the sunshine daily.

Many people have this misconception that spending time in sunlight every day leads to skin cancer due to harmful ultraviolet radiations coming out of the sun. But, it is half the truth said. There is an old saying that doing anything excessively leads to damage, the same goes here. The overexposure of your body to sunlight every day may lead to burning, tan and diseases like skin cancer. In order to get benefits of sunlight even doctor’s advice to stay in the sunlight for at least 15 to 30 minutes every day whether you are a healthy being or dealing with some vitamin deficiencies.

Sunlight is the main source of energy.

Earth is the only planet that has developed so much on living beings as compared to other planets. The reason is the right amount of sunlight on earth. Every living thing is directly or indirectly associated with the sun’s energy. Be it nature, aquatic life, wildlife or existence of human beings.

Spending time in sunlight every day is necessary

Therefore, it is highly advised to stay and spend time in sunlight every day for better functioning of the overall body. Any age, any gender, any profession requires to stay fit and healthy in order to perform their task every day. To perform at a high level and with full potential one needs to be very active and sound both physically and mentally. Here comes the reason why one should spend time in sunlight every day so that sunlight benefits for health.

Spending time in sunlight every day help you absorb Vitamin D3 massively

The sunlight is the main source and very reasonable source to get Vitamin D specifically Vitamin D3. Many people are not aware of the fact that in order to absorb good calcium form food like milk, milk products, green veggies, eggs, meat, etc. one must have a good level of vitamin D in our body. If one is low on Vitamin D, there is likely to be less absorption or even no intake of calcium that may result in bone pain and other cardiovascular diseases.

To avoid all these, it is beneficial to at least spend 20 to 30 minutes in sunlight for obtaining benefits of sunlight. The intake should be from both sides of the body. At least, 15 minutes front and 15 minutes backside in order to have a maximum intake of vitamin D.  The UV radiation from the sun help our body to absorb maximum vitamin d3 through our layer of skin. It is advised during this process of intake one must not put on sunscreen lotions on our body. But one can cover our body with a full body t-shirt or similar in order to avoid tan or burn.

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As we now know that the sun is the direct provider of vitamin D. So, perform as much as an activity that you can do in sunlight every day. Some of them include writing a journal, playing any game, working out; doing exercise even taking a short nap can work wonders.

Sunlight benefits for health as sunlight every day helps our body to detox easily

As you spend your time in the sun, you get a good sweat. It is said that to sweat daily is as important as eating food. The sweating detoxes our body. This detoxification is very much essential for our body. Every day we take some chemicals that need to be flushed out from our body timely and going in the sun, getting sweating helps us on it. Also, due to sweating skin pores open up that were blocked or cloaked earlier. Our skin breathes and gets a natural glow inside out. The detoxification of our body helps in staying fit physically and mentally. The body gets detoxified from the unwanted toxins which are very essential for physical functions. After the removal of the toxin from the body, it gets lightweight and feels more energetic.

Spending time in sunlight every day brings you good mental health

Benefits of sunlight every day are enormous. Mentally, we also get great results because when the body is in the sun, it gets naturally healing therapy for muscle, bone, joints, and nerve relaxation. When all these are healed it helps to build and strengthen the great nervous system. Therefore, spending some minutes daily in sunlight benefits the whole body at a time.

The sunlight is the powerhouse of energy and an ultimate brain activator as well. So, why not take this ultimate free source of nature to build our body and mind to face daily challenges of our life with the full version of ourselves and be ready for every new opportunity in our life.

Get into the sunlight every day for attaining free but powerful sunlight benefits for health from today!





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