Treating Acne with 6 Natural Remedies!

Almost 85% of the world’s population suffers from acne. It can be regarded as an outgrowth that is mainly oily in nature. Read on to find out about some home remedies for the treatment of acne!

1. Regulate Your Diet

Bacteria that cause the proliferation of acne usually derive their energies from basic carbohydrate sources. These are provided to them by the intake of refined sugars and starches by the host. One should take the utmost care in reducing the intake of such substances and increasing the intake of foods like lean meats, fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. This is the basic way by which one can be pimple-free in the long run.

2. Keep Washing Your Face Regularly

As discussed earlier, the sebum gets trapped amidst various things on exposure to the air. One of the main culprits is dust. After a long day at work, dust particles might settle on your face. If you fail to wash your face, the dust might cause the sebum to get trapped. This further causes the development of acne. You should wash your face as many times as possible. Do not use soap or face wash all the time, as it would be instrumental in making your skin dry.

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3. Be Stress-Free At All Times

You might wonder how stress plays a pivotal role in almost every lifestyle disease. Stress is something that causes the body to go into panic mode. Hence, it causes a variety of disease conditions. In this case, stress leads to an overproduction of androgens in the body. This androgen then causes a higher incidence of acne.

Being stress-free will let you have fairer skin and a happier mood.

4. Using Garlic

Garlic has been mostly associated to cooking. But, it also has a major role in the cleansing of the skin. Garlic has a wide variety of antiseptic properties which help in keeping the skin bacteria-free. Sulfur is an active ingredient found in garlic that aids in the treatment of acne. Apply a shredded garlic piece on your face for a few minutes and rub it off with warm water. Repeat the same procedure at least twice a day.

5. Use a Toothpaste Face Mask

Excess sebum penetrating out from the pimple pores can be absorbed by toothpaste. Make sure to use toothpaste that is rich in natural sources, in order to bypass the harmful chemicals which degrade the quality of the skin. It is advisable to apply a small amount of ice to your skin before the application of small quantities of toothpaste over the affected areas.

6. Use swabs of Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar is an effective substance that can be used to treat acne. A few dabs of diluted ACV can be applied at night. After leaving the skin untouched for about 6 hours, you will surely find a noticeable difference in the skin tone. This is used to treat and also prevent the formation of acne. It can also treat acne scars.

I am sure that these remedies will help you garner smoother and spotless skin in the coming future.

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