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6 Hygiene Tips For The Best In Bed Experience

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Man and woman happy with their Hygienic life

Despite all the taboos, the excellent health benefits of sound sexual life can never be condemned. From a more robust immune system to a lower risk of heart diseases, your love life, when in bed, gets everything covered. While your body extracts the advantages while in action, an essential element is a pleasure for you and your partner, which comes from personal hygiene. 

Poor personal hygiene factors in the bed can create displeasure and be a major turn-off. Therefore, unhygienic sex is a big no-no!

Why is Hygiene So Important?

Practising personal hygiene is essential for good health. It is necessary to lead a disease-free life. In the absence of good personal hygiene, the body falls prey to bacteria and viruses that can cause various infections, diseases, and even death.

Hygiene should be a non-negotiable part of your sex life. During coitus, the body is exposed to various types of germs. Therefore, it is essential to follow the tips given below.

6 Hygiene Habits You Should Start Following Today:-

1. Clean Before And After Intimacy

This is one of the most inviolable hygiene factors. And when we say clean, we mean everything- wash hands and genitals. Your and your partner’s health safety is the golden rule of sex. Adhere to it by all means!

Getting infected due to unclean private parts or even hands is the last thing you would want your lovemaking to result in. 

If you have had a long day or plan to jump on oral, cleaning yourself before initiating is necessary. So take this personal hygiene tip for the gospel! 

As necessary as it is to clean yourself before indulging in action, it is equally important to clean yourself after you are done making love. Make sure no bacterias remain in the genitals after sexual intercourse. 

A short shower will do no harm. In fact, it will leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

2. Ensure The Hygiene of Your Undies 

One of the most important personal hygiene tips for better sex life is to keep your innerwear clean. Make sure to change them daily, and in case your schedule involves much physical labor, you can opt to change them twice a day. 

Not practising good hygiene of your undies can breed germs and foul smells. Do we need to tell you how grave a threat this is to your intimate life?

3. Respect Nature’s Call

When it comes to personal hygiene, everything is essential. But, no matter how unimportant that sounds, pee before and after sex. To make the best out of lovemaking, it is vital to keep your mind free of discomfort. An unoccupied bladder lets you experience exactly that. 

Therefore, peeing before intimacy is very hygienic. Equally important is to urinate once you have seized the action under sheets. It washes out all the remaining germs and bacteria residing in your genitals. 

Urinating after sex is also crucial for feminine hygiene to prevent the chances of unwanted pregnancy. Any semen, if present in the vagina or around, is washed down with urine ensuring good hygiene. 

4. Don’t Forget The Bed Sheet.

If you totally forget about your bedsheet amid all the heat you create on it, please take note!

Make sure to change the bedsheet more than once a week if that’s your pace. Let’s assume that you go with your bells on every time you go to bed with your partner. What next? 

Sweat escaping your body, vaginal fluids, semen that might have dripped on the bedsheet? It worsens if you have a one-night stand, knowing nothing about their commitment to personal hygiene. So what makes you think that a surface like that won’t become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria?

Enough reality check! Now go and put that sheet in the laundry.

5. Oral Hygiene After Oral Sex

So, you had quite a night! But to make the pleasure last, don’t forget to check on your personal hygiene after oral sex. Oral hygiene after oral sex should be a natural discourse of personal hygiene. 

Every time you indulge in oral sex, rinse your mouth properly. Brushing your teeth and cleaning your tongue are also equally important.

6. Loose Clothes to the Rescue

Don’t hurry into wearing tight-fitted clothes when you’re done with the intercourse. Every time after making love, choose loose clothes that don’t hug your skin. Let your body breathe in the open air. It becomes more accessible for the bacteria to thrive in warm and moist areas. 

Inculcate these personal hygiene tips for good health and sex life today. 

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