Can Low Testosterone Cause ED?

can low testosterone cause ed

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for sexual function and desire. A drop in Testosterone may lead to various symptoms. This includes reduced sexual desire and weight gain.  It may also contribute to trouble getting an erection or Erectile Dysfunction (ED).  So, can low Testosterone cause ED? This article discusses the link between Testosterone and … Read more

Does Lisinopril Cause ED Problems?

does lisinopril cause ed

Were you taking high blood pressure treatment and started facing erection problems? Lisinopril is a first-choice medicine for treating high blood pressure or Hypertension. Some people may feel that their high blood pressure medications, such as Lisinopril, may be a cause for their erection problems. But does Lisinopril cause ED? This article will discuss the … Read more

Horny Goat Weed vs Viagra: Which One To Buy?

peyronie's disease and viagra horny goat weed vs viagra

In the battle against Erectile Dysfunction (ED), natural treatments are slowly overtaking pharmaceutical choices. Horny goat weed is one such natural treatment. But is it more effective than prescription medicines like Viagra?  This article compares horny goat weed vs Viagra as the better ED treatment. Horny goat weed vs Viagra Horny goat weed is an … Read more