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Home Remedies for Green Nail Syndrome

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Green Nail Syndrome is associated with sudden discoloration in nails from a translucent white color to a green color. Though it is painless, it decreases the cosmetic value of the nail. It happens due to the formation of colonies of the Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria.

The bacteria produce acetic acid that gives a color below the nail (on the nail plate). Therefore, it can’t be scratched off or washed away.

Cause of blue green nail

When you start seeing a sudden change in color of your nail plate, you might wonder, ‘why is my nail green?’

The reasons why you have black and green nails are as follows.

  • A moist environment for bacteria to grow.
  • Trauma to the nail bed or nails.
  • Genes that make you susceptible to infections.
  • Thyroid, cancer and other medical conditions promote pseudomonas bacteria’ growth.

If you have been observing a green color on your nail bed recently, it might be green nail fungus. It is better to cure the green nail fast. Read on to find out natural remedies for nail fungus.

Also, check out the medicines for treating such fungal infections: Nailon 5 ml, Fungicros Nail Lacquer. Always consult the doctor before their use.

Home remedies for green nail.

1. Use Vinegar Solution.

Using vinegar solution is the initial treatment for bacterial nail infection. Vinegar is a potent bactericidal agent that kills bacteria. Hence, you can apply it to the affected areas. This solution helps destroy the pseudomonas bacteria. 

The best way to use this is:

  • Mix vinegar and water in the ratio of 1:6. You can adjust the vinger according to the concentration.
  • After mixing, soak your feet (or hands) in the solution for at least 10 minutes. It will help break down the green toenail fungus.
  • After 10 minutes, remove your legs and dry them thoroughly. This step is crucial as fingernail fungus love a moist environment. 
  • Hence, be sure that there isn’t a trace of moisture left on your toes. This itself is the best natural remedy for nail fungus

2. Dry Off Your Nails After a Bath.

I am sure everyone likes to relax after a bath or a dive in the pool. After a bath or a swimming session, the moisture trapped in the nails serves as the breeding ground for bacterial growth. 

Moist nails are also instrumental in being vulnerable to certain fungal infections. Ensure that you wipe your feet, nails, and the space between your fingers to avoid bacterial nail infection.

3. Do Not Scratch Your Nails.

Scratching your nails is a common practice among women. Scratching has a detrimental effect on the upper layer of the nails. It can make the nails brittle and weak. The slightest trauma might break the nail and give birth to finger nail fungus infection. 

This is a grave risk of contracting green nail syndrome. After getting a tiny cut, you might think, ’is green nail syndrome serious?’ 

The answer to this question is YES! This can turn into a severe nail disorder and can take longer than 18 months to heal when left untreated.

4. Control Your Diet.

Weak and brittle nails are mainly accounted for by poor nutrition. Proteins are required in the growth of healthy nails. A deficiency of proteins can lead to serious nail implications. The colour of nails can change in accordance with dietary intake.

In order to maintain healthy nails, you should have a good intake of Vitamin A (carrots, beetroots, etc.), Vitamin C ( lemon, orange, etc.), Folic Acid and Vitamin K.

If your diet is deficient in any of the above-mentioned foods, try to incorporate maximum foods containing them. Vitamin supplementation(Ferium D3 Tablet) can be taken in severe cases. Although, consult the doctor before using.

Hope these points help you garner a safe and healthy future for your nails. 

Answering Your Question

There might be some other questions you would like to know answers to, such as

Is green nail syndrome serious?

Like any other health condition, an infection can become serious if left untreated like any other health condition. Usually, green nails are painless and do not cause much discomfort if appropriately treated.

Can I put nail polish on a greenie?

Ideally, you should not put regular nail polish on a nail affected by green nail fungus. There are some pharmaceutical exceptions to this. Using nail lacquer made for fungal treatment can be put on a greenie.

Does nail fungus grow out?

The nail fungus is easily cured with treatment, but it takes a while for the unhealthy fungal nails to grow out. It can take six to eighteen months.

Is Pseudomonas nail contagious?

Yes, pseudomonas bacteria are infectious and spread from sharing the same nail equipment and nail polish. This makes green nail syndrome the biggest concern of nail technicians.

Can nail fungus cause other health issues?

A severely infected green nail can cause fever, chills, and fatigue. Get your blue green nails checked as soon as you notice them and avoid any other health issues.

What kills nail fungus fast?

Apart from home remedies like vinegar solution, fungal cream is the fastest way to get rid of nail fungus.

Nails can always tell a lot about a persons health. Various changes signify a different condition going on with the body. This is why it is essential to take good care of your nails and keep tabs on your good health. Look for the signs before they start and avoid conditions like green nail syndrome.

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