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How is Communication Key to Unlock a Healthy Relationship?

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Relationships are not a bed of flowers to walk on. There will be thorns too. In addition, each relationship has its own distinctive set of factors moulding the path. A healthy relationship starts with self-introspection. Patience and communication are only the pillars of it. 

Relationships become much healthy and easier to deal with if conflicts are avoided with proper communication. A strong communication lays the field of a firm and joyful relationship to grow on. It all boils down to the following: ‘Communication is key’.

What Is the Meaning of Communication?

Definition in communication is defined as imparting or exchanging information or news. Communication enables one to share experiences, needs, and feelings when it comes to relationships. To build a deep connection in a relationship, communication is key. 

How Verbal Communication Paves the Way for a Healthy Relationship?

Puts a Full Stop to Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings even a little one can eat up your relationship. Institutions like this miscommunication can act as poison. 

It is a human tendency to forget important things to share or you may overthink about a lot of intricate gears. Communication will help you prevent any kind of misunderstanding that may have crept up. 

Why communication is the key? Expressing yourself and your feelings will help your partner understand what you may have been going through. Do not forget that your partner expects only the truth. Take time out, calm yourself down, sit with your partner and explain what went wrong. Communication is key to discarding misunderstandings for a healthy relationship

Building Trust 

Trust building in a relationship is a time-consuming process. The growth of a relationship depends on how intrinsic trust you have in your partner. Only then can a relationship grow. 

It takes a lot of effort and hard work to build trust. Good and healthy communication will help your partner to have faith in you. Giving your partner a sense of surety and security is your responsibility. Effective communication is a tool that will enable you to complete the process. 

Strengthen the Roots of Respect 

Empathy is a crucial part of a relationship. There is always a clear understanding of when anything is off or wrong in your mood or actions. Communicating will help grow and develop respect. It wipes out the chances of guesswork. 

Getting unexpected insides will help you grow your bond together. It makes your partner feel secure as unexpected communication helps them understand that you respect them. Remember communication is the key.

Help Love Breathe

Love is that flower in your garden that will grow with proper care and support. But, in order to nurture this flower of love, you have to provide it with communication. 

Do not let the flowers stale as many as love just dies out without even coming to your notice because of lack of communication. It takes efforts from both sides to create happiness. Just like a flower smiles on a sunny day with a glass of water and some happy air. Communication is the key to love.

How to Clearly Communicate in a Relationship? 

couple communicating with each otherSource: JackF from Getty Images
Couple communicating with each other

Love eventually dies out no matter how much you want to be with each other with the lack of communication. 

Communication is the key to avoiding any kind of misunderstanding or situation that can cause resentment, confusion, hurt, and anger. 

Clear communication will provide your partner with an easily understandable message. It will help you set together and make a solution out rather than creating dry air around it. Here are some things to keep in mind while communicating with your partner:

  • Keep yourself down and decide on a time to talk where there is no interruption or distraction 
  • Make a note of what you want to communicate. Try to be clear and avoid anything that can disrupt the interaction like television or phones. 
  • Do not be insecure old and be clear about what is wrong, how you feel, and how it affects you.
  • Listening will be of great help too. Keep your opinions aside for a few minutes and try to understand what your partner is saying. Communication is key in a relationship.
  • Be mindful of the tone of voice you are using and do not forget to appreciate! Let your partner know their importance.
  • Learn to agree to disagree. You are not right all the time. Be rational and make negotiations.

Conversing Non-Verbally

The language of love is often not in the form of words. Some people may find it difficult to communicate with words. The tone of voice and body language they use may be misjudged. For example, saying “I understand” in a flat tone will indicate that you are not interested in understanding.

If this is the case for you, communication is key to understanding non-verbally. Let your body language reflect what you have to convey. Your words may get unheard but emotions never will. Remember communication is key, but the form of communication can vary.

Ways to Improve Communication in a Relationship in the Longer Run

Now that we are done with temporary solutions, what can you do to build organic communicational growth? First, help improve your language skills in the relationship in the following ways:

  • Sharing: Be vocal and share everything you wish with your partner. Start with experiences; let your partner know what you have been through in life and how that has affected you. This will enable you to build companionship.
  • Building Emotional Intimacy: Create moments of intimacy with emotional bondage. Intimacy is not always sexual. Building intimacy is dependent on small acts like making your partner coffee because you can tell they are tired.
  • Make goals and agree on them: You can create long term goals with your partner. It can be buying a house together or moving to another city. Plan the goal out and start working on them together! Communication is the key to a relationship.

Closing Thoughts

When you cannot clear the block of communication in your relationship, seeking the help of a counsellor is advisable. Remember, communication is the key, and a counsellor will help you locate and analyse the problems in the relationship. It is always better to find solutions rather than avoid and run away from them.

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