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How to manage to complete 10,000 steps daily?

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What are the 10,000 steps? How to measure it? What are the benefits?


As a human being, we tend to lose some amount of calories when we are sitting or breathing. But when we walk, jog, run or do the brisk walk, the calories are burnt more. It is good to measure how many calories as an individual we are burning throughout the day. To begin with, we should first know how many steps we cover in a mile. For this, a pedometer device can be used. An individual may reduce around 80 to 90 calories if he weighs about 150 kg. Accordingly, if 10,000 steps walking with at least 3500 steps of brisk walking or jogging is done, then the person may lose weight up to 300 to 600 calories in a day. With losing weight, there come many other side benefits. For the overall wellness, 10,000 steps daily are strongly recommended.


Watch your steps count daily

A youngster needs to walk at least 10,000 steps daily. It does not matter whether it’s he or she, the step count needs to be followed daily and equal to 10,000 steps. A morning and evening regime of doing brisk walk daily is found to be very good for overall health maintenance. Today, in this world of fast food our children are getting diseases like obesityTo cure it, children should be encouraged to play more daily outside in the playground and sweat themselves. Regular playing outdoors will make children active again and boost their metabolism, which in turn will make them healthy. On the other hand, older adults are also advised to follow an excellent walking regime daily. The older people must walk according to pace their age allows them. The exertion in them may lead to serious health concerns, so following a good walking regime is good but should only be done in a limited amount.


So how we are going to measure the step count?

Well, technology advancement has given several benefits to human health too. Many good mobile application programs help in the count of steps daily. The apps of the device are named as a pedometer. The celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak advice all health freak people to count on their daily steps and measure the details. The trainer also advises that one must follow 10,000 steps daily and religiously to get the best fitness out of the regime. Here, always age and other factors should be considered first to start the walking regime. It is never advised that one should begin to the step count instantly to reach the goal of 10,000 steps daily. Always remember, slow and steady wins the race. Similarly, one should first start with a low count of steps and then increment it daily as per our body suitability.

How much to walk daily will be beneficial for our overall health?

Researches are being done about what should be the daily count of steps for overall health benefits. In 1965, there was a Japanese pedometer named manpo – kei. There was an advertisement published for this device with the slogan “Come let’s walk 10,000 steps in a day!” Now, after 50 years again, walking 10,000 steps has become a daily health goal for the adult these days. Voila! See the time rotation. Study published in 2011 by the International Journal of Behavioural Nutrition & Physical Activity has published a study that to walk 10,000 daily is not good for all ages but for adults, it is still considered a very right option first and foremost and above all exercises

People and their step count

It has been found in a survey that around the globe there are maximum people who walk 4000 to 6000 steps daily. If the other exercise regime of around 30 minutes is also included it adds up to 3000 to 4000 steps only. The addition of which is not equal to the 10,000 step count. These approximate count of 8000 steps are not sufficient for their health and fitness overall to be concluded.

Health benefits and Step count

If a person if reaching this goal of completing to walk for 10,000 steps daily, it definitely benefits the health of that individual for sure. Some of the benefits include:

1. Prevention from mental diseases like depression.

2. Heart health is good and it functions properly.

3. Diabetes: The food we eat has glucose in it. The walking regime digests this glucose and breaks down it into the body and therefore it does not pass through the urinary tract. Glucose levels always stay to optimum levels because of this.

4. The blood pressure levels are maintained.

5. Good Calcium: Bone requires calcium. When we walk the calcium in the body increase and we do not have to worry about the muscle and bone calcium intakes. Neither has to go for the supplement to strengthen our bones.

6. The prevention from many diseases like obesity, cancer, muscle and bone problems etc.

The speed of walking is very important for the best results

The pace followed while walking for the window shopping is different and the speed at the time of brisk walk is entirely a different case for the step count goal of attaining 10,000 steps daily. Many people mix the results and say that it does not work. Well, in order to get the best results we must have the awareness of what speed we are following. To get fitness, always keep the goal of completing the ratio of 100 steps per minute. For easy measurement, you should put the timer on the mobile device. Hope that encourages you enough to be an achiever of 10,000 steps a day hashtag that’s even trending these days on social media especially Instagram.


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