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How Much Does Cenforce Cost? Know the Factors Affecting its Cost

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Cenforce is a popular, affordable alternative to Viagra in treating Erectile Dysfunction. It contains Sildenafil Citrate, just like Viagra.

However, as with any medical treatment, cost considerations play a significant role in decision-making. 

Understanding the factors influencing Cenforce’s cost helps individuals make informed choices and access affordable treatment.

But How much does Cenforce cost? Let’s dive deep into this article to know this medicine’s cost and the factors influencing its pricing.

How much does Cenforce cost

Cenforce cost depends on the dosage.

As 50 mg Cenforce is the most recommended strength, one pill of it costs around 0.70 US dollars.

Whereas Viagra is much more expensive, and one pill of 50 mg costs around 15 US dollars.

However, different strengths have different prices. Apart from that, many other factors affect the cost of Cenforce.

These factors include quantity purchased, the strength of the pill, brand vs. generic medicine, and where you buy it from.

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Brand vs. Generic

The brand version of Sildenafil, which is Viagra, is expensive in comparison to Cenforce.

This is because it was the first medicine containing Sildenafil approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat Erectile Dysfunction.

On the other hand, Cenforce and other generic medicines, like Kamagra and Suhagra, came after Viagra’s patent expired.

However, both these medicines work the same way.

StrengthsPer unit price
50 mg$0.70$15
100 mg$0.80$20


As mentioned above, different strengths will have different prices.

The lowest strength will be the cheapest. For instance, Cenforce 25 mg will cost you around $0.60. On the other hand, Cenforce 200 mg will cost you around $1.

As the strength increases, the price of the medicine also increases.

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  • Quantity purchased

    Quantity purchased means what size of pack you are buying.

    For instance, if you are buying a pack of Cenforce 50 mg with 30 tablets at once, one pill in that pack will cost you $0.80. However, if you are purchasing a pack of Cenforce 50 mg with 90 tablets, one pill in that pack will cost you $0.60.

    It is better to purchase a pack with more quantity as it will give you the lowest price.

    Offline or online pharmacy

    Can we Buy Cenforce at WalmartSource: Africa_Image
    Image of pharmacy store

    Cenforce is unavailable in offline pharmaceutical stores. It is because the FDA has only approved Viagra for sale in offline pharmacies in the USA therefore, most generic versions are sold online. 

    However, Sildenafil as an active ingredient is approved by FDA for ED. Therefore, it is safe to use Cenforce as well.

    You can buy it online from authentic pharmacies that sell genuine products.

    If you are still skeptical about buying Cenforce online, read Can We Buy Cenforce Online.

    The cost of online pharmacies will be much lower than offline ones. This is because of the reduced installation, operating, and maintenance costs of an online store.

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    Do not buy Cenforce from online pharmacies that don’t ask for a prescription, as they might be selling counterfeit products.

    Does insurance cover ED medications like Cenforce

    Some insurance cover ED medications, while some may not.

    According to a study by the American Journal of Men’s Health, most insurance does not cover Viagra but might cover Sildenafil.

    And as Cenforce is a generic version of Viagra, your insurance might cover it.

    However, the cost of medicines still depends on your insurance plan.


    To answer your question: How much does Cenforce cost?

    A 50 mg pill of Cenforce can cost you around $0.70.

    However, the cost of this medicine depends on its strength and quantity purchase.

    Additionally, as Cenforce is a generic medicine, it is priced at a much more affordable price as compared to Viagra.

    You can buy Cenforce from trusted online pharmacies like CheapMedicine Shop.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the cost of Cenforce differ between offline pharmacies and online pharmacies?

    Yes, the cost of Cenforce can vary between offline and online pharmacies. Online pharmacies often offer competitive prices and discounts, making Cenforce more affordable compared to offline pharmacies.

    Are there any online pharmacies that offer competitive pricing for Cenforce?

    Yes, there are many online pharmacies that offer Cenforce at the lowest rate possible. One such pharmacy is CheapMedicine Shop, where you can get a pill of Cenforce 50 mg for $0.70.

    Does the price of Cenforce vary based on the dosage strength?

    Yes, the price of Cenforce can vary based on the dosage strength. Typically, higher dosage strengths of Cenforce may be priced slightly higher compared to lower strengths.

    Does the cost of Cenforce differ based on the quantity purchased?

    Yes, the cost of Cenforce can often vary based on the quantity purchased. Buying Cenforce in larger quantities or bulk may result in cost savings compared to purchasing smaller quantities. 

    What is the average cost of Cenforce?

    The average cost of Cenforce can vary between $0.60 to $0.80. However, the pricing depends on the pharmacy you are purchasing for.

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