Content Information Policy

At CheapMedicine Shop, the accuracy and authenticity of its content are essential.

This document outlines the ethical and editorial norms that lead to the creation of our medical content.

These are a set of policies that lie down guidelines for the creation of our content, accuracy checking, updating, and making it factually correct by proofreading. 

We consider our readers our highly valued assets. We are dedicated to providing reliable, accurate, and unbiased content to preserve our relationship with our readers.

Thus, our in-house writers, proofreaders, editors, and medical experts strive for perfection by sustaining high editorial standards.

Preparing: Ground - Research

The foundation of our articles is prepared with care.

We provide our readers with wellness, medical, and healthcare information.

Our idea is to focus on the physical, sexual, and mental health of individuals worldwide.

As everyone goes through a different health journey, we ensure our content covers the whole spectrum of wellness and health.

Our editorial team achieves this by conducting in-depth research and self-assessment of the information.

Selecting the Ideal Team

Our inclusive team at CheapMedicine Shop incorporates members from varied cultures and educational backgrounds.

This allows bringing a range of perspectives and opinions to our health content.

Our in-house team carefully and attentively picks writers and collaborators with relevant experience.

Our authors' evaluation is based on the subject matter expertise, topic suitability, and life experience.

To make our content more reliable, informative, and accurate, we educate and coach them with the best research techniques.

We also provide them with regular training sessions and constant feedback.

Data collection: Logic and Statistics

We back our data and information with authoritative and verified sources.

The sources can include the World Health Organisation ( WHO), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and so on.

We at CheapMedicine Shop do not rely on and take information from untrusted and unverified sources.

Evaluation and Presentation

CheapMedicine Shop strives to provide its readers with informative medical and health content.

Our content is accurate, reliable, and accessible to everyone.

Our intensive editorial process ensures the authenticity and accuracy of our articles.

Every content piece at CheapMedicine Shop undergoes a pre-set process of development and inspection before getting published.

Exhaustive Research

The majority of current health information on the internet is confusing, inaccurate, and overwhelming.

However, CheapMedicine Shop makes a difference through exhaustive research.

Our foundation of content demands extensive research to ensure that the prepared content is evidence-based.

Our selected team of authors spends a significant part of their time researching and going in-depth to understand a topic.

We use credible sources like government data, research papers, professional experts, official websites, studies, and academic institutions.

We also put citations where appropriate. These citations can be found at the end of the articles.

We consult qualified and relevant experts to ensure that we offer accurate information.

Testing Accuracy

Our data and information on the website are entirely verified in subject to accuracy and reliability.

We have medical professionals who check the factual correctness of the content, and our in-house editors do peer reviews.

Our content page also includes the name of the author, editor, and medical reviewer.

Each content is updated before its expiration to ensure the information is correct to date.

We right away correct our errors, if any, after publishing the content.


Our content goes through a three-step fact-checking process before getting published.

Firstly, the author writes content through deep research and does a fact check before sending it to the editorial team.

Then the facts are again checked by a proofreader.

And finally, a medical professional, who brings expertise and knowledge, reviews the content for factual correctness.


Our proofreaders are dedicated to rechecking the grammar, plagiarism, spelling, and structuring and eradicating the chances of incorrect and wrong information.

We set strict rules for the process of proofreading that allow us to strive for excellence.

This process allows us to have uniformity in the tone, style, mission, and voice of the articles.

Regular Content Updation

We at Cheap Medicine shop continuously check and updates the content with the current and correct information.

As Health information is revised from time to time.

Every day, newly conducted research will emerge with more information. 

Our team of subject-matter experts and editors do this by researching new information and updating the older ones.

In addition, our team of medical professionals makes sure that the information on CheapMedicine Shop complies with the latest medical guidelines.

The changes may include correcting minor errors, adding new data, substituting images and sources, or any other modification that aims to enhance the content's use for the reader.

Our editorial team regularly checks and audits the website to update the provided information.

Empathetic, Trustworthy, and Understandable

Our in-house writers and editors make excellent sources, practical application, clarity, readability, inclusiveness, and proper citations a priority.

We show empathy in our article by promoting a warm and empathetic tone.

We make conscious judgments to eliminate stigma, stereotypes, and bias via judgment-free, empathetic language.

As terminology changes and develops over time, we ensure to adapt to it.

Transparency and Fairness 

CheapMedicine Shop believes in being transparent.

Our Editorial Team is entirely responsible for deciding what we publish; no advertising agency is involved.

Even in collaboration, our readers must know that we will not be persuaded to modify the data or information provided.

The integrity of our content is of the utmost importance and will under no circumstances be compromised.