5 Tips To Prevent Hair Loss

To understand how to prevent hair loss one should understand what is hair loss and what causes it in the first place. This read will help you navigate your answers. 

What is hair loss?

People lose hair on a daily basis. A healthy scalp will lose 50 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. But when the number of lost hair strands get more in number people begin to experience balding. You may find bald patches and thinning of hair in the early stages of hair loss. There are many days to day reasons that may cause hair loss. The reasons range from stress experienced through work or relationships, women may experience hair loss during childbirth, some medical treatments like Chemotherapy and a few medications can also cause hair loss. If the hair loss is severe and has been happening for a longer period of time then one can say that they are suffering from Alopecia or Androgenetic Alopecia. Alopecia can just be effective on your head or on the entire body. Alopecia is defined as the most common reason for hair loss which is hereditary in nature. Hair loss is also experienced and is more likely to affect men than women, hence its name Androgenetic Alopecia where Andro means of men and genetic means hereditary or related to genes. Other names for this are Male-pattern baldness, Female-pattern baldness. 


Usually, new hair replaces and grows in place of the previously lost strand, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Loss of hair can take place either abruptly or gradually over the years which will define if the damage is temporary or permanent. Since it is impossible to count the number of lost strands of hair on a daily basis one can never make an assumption about the degree of hair loss. But one may find it alarming if more than usual strands of hair are found on the hairbrush/comb and in the form of clumps on the bathroom floor after taking a shower. This may further be strengthened when the bald patches and thinning hair are discovered eventually. 

What causes hair loss?

Usually, the reasons for hair loss are general but some can also be due to the end number of medical conditions. A few of them being:

1. Mental and Physical Stress: Physical stress is caused by any form of accident, medical surgery, physical trauma, some form of flu or severe illness can be a cause of temporary hair loss. Such stressors activate the Telogen Effluvium kind of hair loss. Mental stressors are mostly rooted in the psychological factors in any human. They can range from depression to all the way to distress and any reason for a troubled mental well being. Accordingly, hair has a proper cycle of growth in three different stages. This includes the growth stage, the resting stage, and the shedding stage. When the body experiences any of these stressors, it may disturb the hair cycle and exert the body to a greater shedding stage of the cycle.

2. Pregnancy: This is a great example of a form of physical stress that is very common amongst women. Giving birth is a stressful process which may take a form of trauma. Hair loss because of this reason takes place mostly after childbirth rather than during the span of the pregnancy. This is considered to be normal phenomena which are temporary in nature where the lost hair will grow back in due time.

3. Male pattern baldness: According to studies, two out of three men experience hair loss by the time they are in their late fifties or early sixties and male pattern baldness is the leading cause. The amalgamation of genetics and the male sex hormone is generally the cause of this ever concerning the problem of hair loss. One might notice a receding hairline or a loss of hair near the temples creating an M-shaped hairline.

4. Emotional Stress: Emotional stress is likely to be a bigger reason to push hair loss further. Death of a loved one, problems in a relationship, failure in educational institutions, exhaustion while taking care of someone in need are a few examples of emotional stressors. This kind accelerates the already existing reason for hair loss. Similarly to physical and mental stress, this condition will eventually remit. To deal with any stress, things like physical exercises and therapy can help. 

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5. Hypothyroidism: This is a deficient activity of the thyroid gland which also is a resultant bodily condition characterized by a lowered metabolic rate and a general loss of vigor. This basically means that the Thyroid is underperforming at a given stage in life. This gland located in your neck is essential for the functioning of the body’s metabolism which constantly keeps pumping new hormones each day. And a reduction in the pumping of these essential hormones is one of the causes of hair loss. Testing and medication is a more approachable method. 

6. Chemotherapy: This is the most common medical reason for the loss of hair. Chemotherapy is a treatment that is given to patients suffering from any form of bodily cancer. The chemicals used for this treatment like Cytotoxic and other drugs are a cause for heavy hair loss. 

Tips To Prevent Hair Loss 

Accordingly, the 5 essential tips to tackle hair loss are as follows:

1. Avoid damage to the scalp by applying end number of hair products that you are not aware of. One should read about the hair product before buying or get recommendations by Dermatologists and hairstyling experts. Products like hair colors, shampoos, hair mousse hair sprays etc. are a few examples. Use of natural-based products like egg whites and homemade remedies are considered as a better alternative.  

2. Practicing good hair care becomes another essential part of one’s daily routine. Proper hair care and hairstyles can be a major factor that can prevent hair loss. 

3. An occasional visit to the Dermatologist can be a good way to prevent hair loss. One can visit a doctor even when they are not suffering from any hair loss. A Dermatologist can help a person understand their hair better than anyone and can help them form a good hair care routine.   

4. Minimizing the usage of hair styling tools on an everyday basis is deemed helpful. Blow dryers, hair straighteners, hair curlers etc. are devices that damage and weaken the hair in the long run and eventually cause hair loss. 

5. Lastly realizing that hair loss can be temporary. The causes that are mentioned above, if taken care, can be reduced to a surprisingly small number and can be dealt with easily. Using ways to tackle and reduce all forms of stress, understanding one’s hair type and a substantial amount of research can be a good preventive measure to hair loss. 

It is not guaranteed that all hair fall treatments are full proof. Some can stop and some can completely reverse the hair loss process. Genetic causes of hair loss are hardly curable but alternatives like hair transplants are common all around the world.  


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