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Thought Of Push Ups Just As A Work Out? Let It Read Your Heart’s Future.

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Fitness is huge. It is a vast concept that includes an explanation for multiple things. While many will state that fitness is all about staying in shape, there is so much more that needs deeper understanding. Working out, no doubt serves the tangible goal of keeping weight in check, but the bigger picture reveals the long term benefits that a good fitness routine gives you. Apart from providing a protective shield from obesity, high cholesterol level, and stress, you will be surprised to know that a conventional sounding exercise, push up, can actually predict the longevity of your heart. So if you’ve been ignoring your heart’s health lately, just know that there is no hiding since your trainer can tell the truth. 

Studies have revealed that person who can effectuate more than 40 pushups at one session without stopping are at 96% lesser risk of heart disease than the men who quit at 10 or lesser. When it comes to cardiovascular diseases the first and the most significant step towards the remedy is its identification. Most of the cardiovascular diseases are hard to identify in their beginning stage and by the time they come under notice, significant damage is done. Therefore identification of heart diseases is a very important step towards protection from it. 

Discovery of push-ups as an indicator of heart problems is a noteworthy contribution in the field of cardiovascular diseases since other indicators such as treadmill test is a costlier and vague identifier of the heart risks. Push-ups are much better indicators since they are more reliable and cheaper. In addition, they are a good work out so one is actually being benefitted while getting an insight into the blood-pumping organ of the body. 

Researchers at Harvard University were actually working on the idea that is already quite well established that “high level of fitness is associated with a low level of heart risks”. While it is a fact that is universally well-acclaimed, however, while researching on the idea, the correlation between push-ups and heart diseases was drawn and the world got just another reason to love push-ups a little more.

Exercise is associated with better care of health which is the bottom line of this study. The more a person is physically fit, the more he is immune to diseases. Good strength to carry out 40 or more push-ups at a go indicates healthy eating habits, enthusiasm for fitness and sound lifestyle, which are enough to predict the good cardiovascular condition. 

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Apart from predicting cardiovascular longevity for the next 10 years, there are plenty of reasons why push-ups should be on your drill list.

  • Push-ups make almost every major muscle of the body, functional. While you are jostling with the pain of pulling your body up during push-up, every major muscle in body exerts the strength required to bring your body up. Now you know what increases the strength of your upper body. 
  • This point shall explain why push-ups are considered a good indicator of cardiovascular diseases. When you work out, typically push-ups, every muscle of your body is deployed at work. Not just the biceps and triceps but even the muscles in your back and abdomen are exerting a lot of hard work to make every single push up, happen. Consequently, the blood has to be pumped faster by the heart to ensure an adequate supply of blood to every muscle. Therefore while you are working your body out, push-ups are working your heart out. 
  • It helps one to maintain good posture. A good posture involves sitting with your back and shoulders, upright which is only possible if you have a strong core. Push up helps in making the core muscles strong therefore improving posture. 
  • Push-ups help in strengthening the lower back muscles thus protecting a person from lower back injuries to a very great extent.

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