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  1. Diabetes and COVID 19: 05 Amazing Tips For Diabetes Care During The Pandemic

    Diabetes and covid 19

    COVID-19 has completely transformed the way we go to the grocery store, work, and take care of our health, among several other things. If you have a long-term or chronic ailment like diabetes, the COVID-19 pandemic may have brought new challenges for managing diabetes care and keeping your blood sugar levels within the normal range. How does diabetes occur? It occurs when glucose or blood sugar level is very high. This can happen when your body is not producing adequate amounts of insulin or when your body is unable to use the insulin appropriately.

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  2. How To Regain Taste and Smell After Coronavirus?

    How to regain taste and smell

    Loss of taste and smell is weird, but distinct symptoms of COVID-19 so much that they are considered to be a better indicator that you have been infected with the novel coronavirus than any other symptoms, such as cough, fever, etc. Apart from COVID-19, there are several other causes that affect a person’s ability to taste and smell, which we will discuss in this blog. 

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  3. Double Masking Can Better Protect You Against The Lethal COVID-19 Virus Variants

    Double masking

    When you wear two masks (one on top of another), it is referred to as “Double Masking”. The outer mask can exert gentle pressure on the edges of the inner one, creating a better seal. As the coronavirus can spread through tiny respiratory droplets, masking in layers can help enhance its filtration capacity, and also better protect against someone who coughs or sneezes around you.

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  4. CDC Mask Updates: Fully Vaccinated People No Longer Need To Quarantine Or Wear Mask Everytime!!

    Fully Vaccinated

    COVID-19 vaccines are effective at protecting people from getting sick. People who have been fully vaccinated can now start doing things that they had stopped because of the pandemic. Based on the available information, CDC has now provided the ‘Guidance for Fully Vaccinated People’. Still, as we all are still learning to deal with the virus and its cure, meanwhile the CDC says to take precautions even if you are fully vaccinated.

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  5. Preeclampsia: Pregnancy Complications For Both You And Your Baby


    Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication that includes hypertension, protein in urine during and after delivery, along with low clotting factors(platelets and WBC). All of these indicate a threat to kidney or liver function. If preeclampsia is left untreated, it can lead to severe complications or even fatal for both the mother and the baby. In the case of preeclampsia, the best way of treatment is delivery of the baby. Even after the delivery of the baby, the mother will still take time to get better.

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  6. Analysis Of Health Condition Of Women In The Middle East Countries

    Women’s health in the middle east

    Health isn’t a luxury but a necessity. People living anywhere across the globe should have access to adequate healthcare facilities irrespective of their gender. Unfortunately, there are several countries where women equal rights in many aspects, including health. Gender roles and power relations greatly influence women’s rate of exposure to specific risk factors and susceptibility to serious health conditions.

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  7. Is There Healthcare Inequality In The United States?

    Healthcare inequality

    How can you identify if there’s health inequality in your country? Health inequality is when one group of individuals is in much worse health condition compared with another group. In the United States, health inequality stems from income inequality. Studies suggest that the higher your income, the better is your health. Why is there health inequality in the United States? Well, it is the only developed country that has a dependency on private health insurance. Therefore, those with company-sponsored plans have improved access to healthcare than others.

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  8. What Are The Best Trust Building Exercises For Couples?

    Best Trust Building Exercises For Couples

    Trust is an important pillar of healthy relationships. Without trust, the foundation of your relationship starts crumbling. If you happened to read this post, the chances are that something happened between you and your partner, and you are now finding ways to manage it. But hey, fortunately, you’ve landed in the right place. 

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  9. 09 Incredibly Awesome Ways To Overcome Insecurities In A Relationship

    Insecurities in a relationship

    What is insecurity? It is an inner feeling of being insufficient or terrified in some way. If I am right, most of us have dealt with insecurities in our lives at one time or another. While it's absolutely normal to have feelings of self-doubt once in a while, chronic insecurities can vandalize your success in life and can specifically be detrimental to your intimate relationship. Chronic insecurities abduct your mental peace and prevent you from engaging with your partner in an authentic manner. 

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  10. Hysterectomy: A Surgical Procedure For Uterus Removal


    Hysterectomy refers to a surgical procedure for removing a woman's uterus. The uterus also called the womb, is where a baby develops when a woman is pregnant. The uterus lining is the source of menstrual blood. You may require a hysterectomy for several reasons. It may be performed to treat many chronic pain conditions as well as certain types of infections and even cancer.

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