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US Brand Name Tadalafil
Strength 60mg
Generic Name Tadalafil 
Manufacture Centurion Laboratories,India

About the Brand
Vidalista 60 is brand of Centurian laboratories manufactured in India. It contains Tadalafil salt which, helps in relaxation of muscles and erectile dysfunction.

About the drug
Tadalafil works by relaxing the muscles and blood vessels. It increases the blood flow in the penis during sexual intercourse. It is the drug of choice in erectile dysfunction and Helps in sexual stimulation and erection.

Manufacturer of Vidalista 60
Vidalista 60 is manufactured by Centurian laboratories in India. Centurian Labs are manufacturer and exporter of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation medicines, antiseptic ointments, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. You can buy this product at

Strengths of Vidalista 60
Vidalista 60 contains tadalafil in 60 mg strength

US brands equivalent to Vidalista 60
Cialis by Eli Lilly is the available brand in USA having same salt Tadalafil as an alternative to Vidalista 60.

Uses of Tadalafil, the salt in Vidalista 60
Tadalafil is mainly used for following conditions
1. Erectile Dysfunction: It is a condition in which proper erection is problem in males during sexual stimulation
2. Benign enlargement of Prostate: Tadalafil is used effectively for the condition benign enlargement of prostate. It is also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is a condition in which enlargement of prostate results in squeezed urethra making it painful during urination.
3. Pulmonary arterial hypertension: It is condition in which blood vessels in lungs become narrow resulting in the heart to pump blood resulting in the even harder. State of hypertension in pulmonary region. Hence, the name Pulmonary arterial hypertension

How Vidalista 60 works?
Tadalafil in Vidalista 60 is basically a vasodialator. It is specifically phosphodiasterase type 5 inhibitor. Inhibition of phosphodiasterase type 5 leads to increase in concentration of cGMP. Cyclic guanosine monophosphate which leads to relaxation in blood vessels and further reaction during sexual activity.

How to take Vidalista 60
Vidalista 60 shall be taken once in a day with full glass of water before or after meal.

DosageTake single tablet one hour before sexual activity. The effect lasts for 36 hours. So, you should not take more than one tablet in a single day

How long Vidalista 60 should be continued?
Vidalista 60 shall be taken under guidance of registered medical practitioner. Since the drug action lasts longer till 36 hours, it should be taken on need to basis. However, do not continue the medicine if there is no problem specific for the drug action

Dose of Vidalista 60 missed?
Since the drug is need to basis drug to be used before one hour of sexual activity. Dose missing is rare. However, if dose is missed, wait for next day and next sexual activity planned

Drug interaction for Tadalafil
Tadalafil has tendency to interact with medication used for following medical conditions, such as,
• Antifungal medications
• Prostate disorders etc.

When NOT to take Vidalista 60
If you are taking other Phosphodiestrase type 5 inhibitors such as sildenafil citrate, you should avoid taking tadalafil or Vidalista 60, avoid taking Vidalista 60 as it can have allergic reactions with the drug and cause serious side effects.

Side effects or Adverse effects
Following are the side effects or adverse effects using Vidalista 60
• Low white blood cell count
• Blood clotting disorder
• Gastrointestinal hemorrhage
Other side effects include, stomach upset, loss of vision or blurred vision, headache and dizziness

Overdose side effects of Tadalafil or Vidalista 60
The drug shall not be overdosed. However, the side effects due to over dosage include, Chest pain, dizziness, and fainting, irregular heartbeat. Consult your doctor immediately if any of these effects result in.

General information about Vidalista 60
Vidalista 60 has effect lasts for around 36 hours. Therefore, the drug shall not be repeated before the end of 36 hours.

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