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Bathing tips to treat Eczema

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The skin usually contains the two most important products – oil and water. It is often thought that underproduction of oil causes the triggering of eczema but scientifically it is proven that the loss of moisture is the biggest and most important cause of developing eczema. I am sure everyone was forced to bath regularly by their parents in their childhood. But have you ever wondered what harms would excess bathing cause? Most of you might be wondering as to how something basic as bathing affects the skin. Read on to find some important facts related to bathing and the nasty, irritating and inflammatory rash of the disease Eczema.

Skin defects in the eczematic patients is the main cause of development of low moisture. The most appropriate way to counter this, is by providing the skin with adequate moisture. Hence, timely and adequate bathing and moisturizing of skin are highly regarded as the gold standards of eczema treatment.

What is the Soak and Seal Method?

Eczematic patients are usually recommended to use the special soak and seal method. It is a very important to-do list that everyone should follow regardless of an eczematic history. It helps in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy.

Follow these guidelines to ensure a perfect soak and seal activity:

  • Use moderately warm water to take a bath (preferably in a water tub). Avoid using harsh soaps and shampoos to clean the affected areas. While bathing, make sure that you do not scrub your body (especially the affected parts). This might irritate the skin and would result in further inflammation. Soak in the bathtub for a maximum of 15 minutes. Prolonged exposure to water has been found to impart dryness to the skin. This is very important as most people believe that the duration of water exposure is directly proportional to the moisture content. It is most certainly a myth.

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  • Sponge a towel over the affected area lightly after taking the bath. Make sure that the towel is clean. Unclean towels possess a higher risk of infection in eczematic patients. Make sure that you do not dry off the exposed area completely. A slight amount of moisture should be left for further action.
  • Within three minutes of this, apply a proper medication followed by a suitable moisturizer. Three minutes is defined as a very crucial window wherein the body is at optimal moisture content. If you fail to apply the moisturizer in this period, the skin would become excessively dry.
  • Apply wet dressings after a few minutes to make sure no infection spreads in the affected area.

Products to Be Used While Bathing

While shopping for bathing products, make sure you chose an herbal, natural, unscented, fragrance-free, and dye-free product. These products are the precursors to inflammation and irritation of your skin. Dry cleansing agents and fragrance providing agents like powders and foundations should be avoided in order to increase the moisture content of skin. Alcoholic products to be refrained as they usually irritate the skin and hence cause the development of eczema.

Make sure to bath the right way in order to save yourself from Eczema- The nasty rash!




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