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3 Reasons Why You Have Dry Eyes in the Morning

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Waking up with dry eyes can be distressing. If you have dry eyes in the morning, you may experience a burning sensation, scratching, blurred vision, or red eyes.

Dry eye is a common ocular condition in which your eye does not produce sufficient tears. It can also happen if the tears evaporate too quickly.

You may wonder, ‘Why are my eyes so dry in the morning?’ or ‘Why do I wake up with dry eyes?’

This article will attempt to answer the question: What causes dry eyes in the morning? We will also discuss what to do if you have dry eyes.

What Causes Dry Eyes in the Morning

People whose eyelids do not close tightly while sleeping commonly experience dry eyes when they wake up.

Dry eyes may also occur when there is a reduction in tear production or if the tears dry up too quickly. Let’s discuss these causes of dry eyes in detail. 

Tear Quality

Poor quality of tears can cause them to evaporate too quickly, leading to dry eyes. Tears cover the eye’s surface to keep it lubricated before draining out through tear ducts.

Tears have three layers: water, oil, and mucous. 

The water layer keeps the eye hydrated, while the oil layer prevents the water layer from drying up. The mucous layer spreads the tear evenly on the eye surface.

If there is a lack of production of any of the three layers, it may cause the tears to dry up quickly or spread unevenly on the eye surface. 

This can make your eyes feel dry when you wake up.

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  • Reduced Tear Production

    AgeSource: LuckyBusiness
    Doctor checking patient’s eye

    A person may experience dry eyes when the tear glands do not produce enough tears. Several factors can contribute to inadequate tear production in the eye. Such factors may include:

    • Age: Tear production in the eye generally reduces with age. People over the age of 65 commonly experience dry eye symptoms
    • Medications: Certain medications, including Antihistamines, Antidepressants, and high blood pressure medicines, can cause inadequate tear production
    • Health conditions: Low tear production can result from conditions such as Diabetes, thyroid problems, and Arthritis

    Want to learn more about how thyroid and dry eyes are connected? To gain information, read Thyroid and Dry Eyes: Exploring the Relationship.

    Inadequate tear production can enhance the risk of an eye infection.

    Nocturnal Lagophthalmos

    Nocturnal Lagophthalmos is the inability to close eyelids tightly or properly during sleep. 

    Research shows that Nocturnal Lagophthalmos can worsen dry eye symptoms and sleep quality.

    The involuntary closure of eyelids protects the eye surface from problems such as dry eye. 

    Dysfunction of the facial nerves may cause Nocturnal Lagophthalmos, leading to dry eye.

    Do you know an individual can also experience dry eyes at night? If you want more information, read Understanding Dry Eyes at Night: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments.

    Did you know?:
    Dry eye is a common side effect of approximately 55% of cataract surgeries.

    Treatment for Dry Eyes

    eye dropSource: Portraa
    Woman using eye drop

    Treating the underlying cause of dry eyes in the morning can help relieve dry eyes. 

    For this reason, getting a comprehensive eye exam from an eye care specialist is essential to determine the cause of dry eyes.

    Doctors often suggest artificial tear drops to relieve dry eyes.

    Depending on your situation, they may prescribe dry eye medication like over-the-counter eye drops such as Cyclosporine and Lifitegrast. 

    However, in most cases, simple home remedies for dry eyes, like blinking frequently and using protective eye gear, can help. Keeping yourself hydrated can also help prevent or treat dry eyes.

    It is necessary to seek medical advice if you face severe symptoms of dry eyes or if they persist for a long time.

    Apart from medications and home remedies, consuming supplements such as fish oil and vitamins may help manage dry eyes.

    If you wish to gain deeper information on supplements for dry eyes, read Supplements for Dry Eyes: A Comprehensive Guide to Relief.

    Final Words

    It can be distressing to wake with dry eyes in the morning. Symptoms like a burning sensation, blurred vision, and red eyes may accompany dry eyes.

    When you wake up, dry eyes may be because of inadequate tear production or poor tear quality. Low tear production or poor tear quality can cause the eyes to dry up too fast.

    Other causes of dry eye when you wake up can include Nocturnal Lagophthalmos. It is the inability of the eyelid to close tightly. 

    Nocturnal Lagophthalmos can cause dry eyes and poor sleep quality.

    Home remedies like blinking frequently and using protective eye gear may help relieve dry eye symptoms in the morning.

    However, you may need to see an eye care specialist if the symptoms are severe or persist for a long time.

    They may recommend artificial tear drops like Tear Drops 10 ml to keep your eyes lubricated. They may even suggest prescription eye drops such as Cyclosporine to boost tear production.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can dry eyes in the morning be a sign of a more serious eye condition?

    Generally, dry eyes in the morning do not indicate serious eye conditions.
    However, chronic dry eyes could indicate an underlying eye condition. So, it’s crucial to consult with an eye specialist if you experience persistent symptoms.

    Is it safe to use over-the-counter artificial tears regularly?

    Using over-the-counter artificial tears as directed is generally safe.
    However, if you require them frequently, it’s best to consult an eye doctor for a more comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan.

    Are there any lifestyle changes that can prevent morning dry eyes?

    Yes, taking breaks during screen time, staying hydrated, and maintaining a balanced diet can help prevent morning dry eyes.

    Can allergies cause dry eyes in the morning?

    Allergies can lead to dry eyes due to increased tear evaporation. Managing your allergies can help alleviate this issue.

    Are there any home remedies I can try for morning dry eyes?

    Yes, you can use warm compresses, maintain good eye hygiene, and ensure a humid environment in your bedroom to help relieve morning dry eyes.

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