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Addressing Link Between Menopause and Sexless Marriage

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Since Menopause is a natural process in a woman’s life, one can observe its effects in different parts of her life.

This phase indicates the non-reproductive period of one’s life.

Menopause usually comes with several physical and psychological symptoms that can affect intimacy in their relationship.

Several women face disinterest in sexual activities during or after Menopause.

This can often lead to sexless marriages and can require proper guidance and management.

Let us discuss the connection between Menopause and sexless marriage in detail.

Dynamics of Sexless Marriage

To understand the connection between sexless marriage and Menopause, it is important to understand its dynamics first.

In a sexless marriage, couples experience the absence of sexual activities for a prolonged period.

It can happen due to hormonal changes or sexual dysfunction in either the man or woman.

Most men experience sexless marriage during Menopause since their partner may lose interest in engaging in sexual activities.

In some cases, it may lead to constant disagreements and even divorce during Menopause.

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  • Factors Connecting Menopause and Sexless Marriages

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    According to research, as a woman undergoes Menopause, their ovaries become less reactive to the Follicular Stimulating Hormones.

    This results in the decline of Estrogen and Progesterone levels during Menopause.

    Additionally, FSH levels during Menopause also increase, which indicates that one’s body cannot produce the proper amount of sex hormones.

    The low Estrogen levels ultimately result in vaginal dryness, making sex less pleasurable.

    This can also make sex painful and refrain women from engaging in sexual activities. 

    Other factors like low libido in Menopausal women and interrupted sleep can also lead to mood swings.

    This irritation and its effect on women’s mental health can make them not want to be touched during Menopause

    Thus leading to a sexless marriage.

    Lack of marital intimacy during Menopause can sometimes lead to anger towards husbands. To learn more, read Relationship Between Menopause and Anger Toward Husbands.

    Additional Fact:
    Achieving an orgasm during Menopause usually becomes hard due to vaginal dryness. It can take longer to achieve one, which can also lead to a lack of interest in sexual activities.

    Menopause Tips for Sexless Marriage

    Although several Menopause treatments are available, there are certain tips for husbands to deal with a sexless marriage during this time.

    A couple can always opt for therapy and establish proper communication to improve their relationship.

    Partners can also support their wives emotionally with Menopausal Anxiety and Depression.

    Helping women maintain a Menopause diet and using herbs and supplements can also be beneficial.

    Women can also opt for Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) to improve Estrogen levels and sex drive.

    Are you curious to learn more about ways to improve sex drive after Menopause? Read How to Increase Sex Drive During Menopause? Learning Facts.

    If you are looking for methods to improve your sexual drive or libido during Menopause, it is best to consult your doctor first. Self-medicating can often lead to negative results and can also worsen Menopause symptoms.


    Women usually experience Menopause and sexless marriage together due to low Estrogen levels in this phase.

    Low Estrogen often causes low libido and results in vaginal dryness in women.

    This can cause sex to be less pleasurable and can also negatively affect one’s mental health, causing a lack of interest in sexual activities.

    Experts may often suggest maintaining a Menopause diet and practicing therapy alongside open communication.

    Women may also notice benefits from using herbal supplements and undergoing Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT). 

    Yet, it is always best to consult your doctor before choosing any treatments to improve your sex drive during Menopause.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my wife no longer intimate after Menopause?

    Menopause causes hormonal changes that can affect libido and cause physical discomfort. The reduced Estrogen levels may lead to vaginal dryness and discomfort during intercourse.
    This can cause emotional distress, and one’s partner may lose interest in being intimate during this phase.

    Are there specific communication strategies for couples facing intimacy issues during Menopause?

    Yes, there are certain communication strategies for couples who are facing intimacy issues during Menopause. Avoiding one’s partner, listening actively, and validating one’s options can prove to be effective.

    Are there alternative forms of intimacy that couples can explore during Menopause?

    Yes, there are alternative forms of intimacy that couples can explore during Menopause. Since most women notice low libido during this period, they can engage in kissing, cuddling, or even spending quality time.

    Does the sex drive of women return after Menopause?

    Yes, sex drive may return after Menopause in some women. Although during Menopause, there are constant hormonal fluctuations, after Menopause, these levels become stable.
    With the stability of hormone levels, the symptoms of Menopause usually reduce in intensity, and women may find a return in their sexual interest.

    Can therapy alone rectify a sexless marriage?

    No, therapy alone cannot rectify a sexless marriage. While therapy may be beneficial, one should use it as a combined treatment.
    Experts usually suggest undergoing Hormonal Therapy besides using ointments, medications, and supplements.

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