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5 Important Elements Of Healthy Relationship

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Love is one of the most powerful emotion. It is a strong positive emotion which is characterized by affection and attachment.

Love is a physical and emotional attraction. Love can be expressed in many ways. Some people express it verbally by saying things that reflect concern and love. While some others express their love through acts like giving some gifts or helping them with their problems.

Although love is the most important and vital for any relationship, it is not the only thing. A healthy relationship requires much more than love. Relationship quality is the main determinant of overall life satisfaction as well as mental and physical health.  

Numerous researchers have revealed that a lower level of destructive communication, a higher level of constructive communication and sexual satisfaction are associated with greater relationship satisfaction. Relationship satisfaction has been broad and conceptualized in different ways.

1. Communication

Effective communications are said to be the most important thing to maintain a healthy and successful relationship. It is vital in creating and maintaining a relationship, whether it be an intimate relationship, such as with a partner or a relationship with a child or a friend. Communications also help in generating trust in your relationship. Sometimes personal problems and conflicts affect the relationship. The communication skills affect how you solve or resolve your conflicts. Emotional logical communication is associated with relationship satisfaction.

Communication is vital to human interaction and intimate couple relationship. This is because communication acts as a tool for knowing and connecting with one another. The association between communication and relationship satisfaction has been studied by various researchers. The result showed that the couples who feel more satisfied in their relationship demonstrate a higher level of mutuality.

2. Get physical

Sexual satisfaction is a key to a satisfied and happy relationship.  

Intimacy is an important basis for emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. It is also associated with an individual’s satisfaction with his or her relationship, is the key issue in their relationship overall happiness. The kind of love one experiences and showers on other depends on their strength relative to each other.

Physicality between the partners gives evidence to an emotional bond that leads each to care about other person’s concern and values. Intimacy between the partners is important as it strengthens the bond of love between them. To some extent, it gives a sort of assurance and shares the sense of belongings. Getting physical is one of the ways to enhance mutuality between the two. Mutual understanding plays an important role in keeping the relationships healthy. It strengthens the bond between the partners.

Yes, traveling can strengthen relationships. Surveys reveal that travel creates a wide range of positive effects on relationships. In fact, it revealed that couples to travel together have happier and healthier relationship as compared to the couples who don’t travel.

Most often people dedicate their more time and energy to their career and this results in an increased stress and decreased quality of time with loved ones. The stress of everyday life takes a toll on the relationship. But taking a vacation can allow to take a break from the hectic schedule and stressed life. It results in an increase in quality of life and relationship satisfaction. Research supports the notion that positive psychological well being and increased quality of life promotes a healthy relationship.

Traveling teaches you a lot about yourself and your partner and new experiences while traveling strengthens and build trust in your relationship. It creates lifetime memories and stronger connection. Some of the best romantic places to visit your partner are as follows:

  • New York
  • Dublin
  • Paris
  • Phuket
  • Santorini
  • Queenstown

4. Giving space

To attain and maintain a healthy relationship, giving space is as important as getting physical. Not giving space is a common problem that a lot of people struggle with and becomes the cause of difficulties in a relationship. Allowing the partner to stay alone does not mean that you no longer love them, but it simply means that you are allowing your partner to live life outside the relationship.

Having enough space in a relationship is very important to maintain a happy relationship. This is because alone time allows people to process their thoughts and do what they want to do and relax without thinking about the responsibilities of them.  

5. Be trustworthy

Trust is one of the most desired and important qualities in any relationship. It is a key element in maintaining a healthy relationship. No relationship can work with a low level of trust. Trust is defined as a belief in the integrity, honesty and reliability of another person. Without trust, each moment in a relationship is of no use and it simply becomes chaotic. You must have heard that trust is a building block of love and you cannot love without trusting a person.


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