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How Alcoholism Destroys Your Sexual Life

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Men are sensitive about their erection while having sensual sessions. A flabby erection can depress them. There are various factors that are responsible to make a man impotent and alcohol is one of them.

Excess alcohol consumption can cause erectile dysfunction which is an inability characterized by a loss of sturdy erection. It is true that alcohol may increase sexual desire through disinhibition, its slang term ‘brewer’s droop’ is a risk factor for decreased sexual performance.

According to a study, men who drank excess alcohol have been found to have a more flaccid erection as compared to the non-alcoholic ones.

If you are not familiar with the term ‘brewer’s droop’, let’s first know about it. It is a temporary form of alcohol impotence that occurs when a person consumes too much alcohol. This long-term consumption affects the nervous system and impairs the pulses of the brain’s pituitary gland as well as the nervous system.

Since the nervous system is responsible for getting a firm and sturdy erection, binge drinking impacts it in a harmful way. Excessive consumption also is responsible for behavioural changes that reduce sexual desire and also inhibit sexual performance.

Concentration and judgment start becoming cloudy and physical activity become impaired. It also disrupts testosterone levels as well as diminishes sex drive and function.

Binge drinking is associated with various other negative factors like smoking, drug abuse as well as lack of exercise. Drinking alcohol can damage the man’s sexual drive even if he has refrained from it after a while.

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Some facts:

  • Booze is not only the reason for flaccid erection: If you are thinking that just cutting down on your alcohol intake will start giving you a vigorous erection, you are mistaken.Alcohol is not the only reason for a flabby erection. Drugs such as marijuana, and cocaine also contribute to erectile dysfunction. Smoking is equally responsible for loose penile erection.
  • Women get brewer’ droop too: If you think that women can’t get any complications because of alcohol, it is your misconception. It is only not called a ‘droop’ in women but binge drinking causes similar problems in women.The vagina may not get lubricated and she may struggle with a good orgasm. So, it is important for them to limit their alcohol intake. 
  • It is also called ‘Whiskey Dick’: It is another name for ‘brewer’s droop’. If you are a binge drinker, it is possible that your sensual sessions might be affected. This is the reason that you may face problems with a healthy erection.
  • It is not the end of the world: If you are thinking that even if you refrain from consuming alcohol, you will still have a flabby erection, it is not true. You can control it in many ways. It is not the end of your sexual sessions with your partner.You can do some things like limit the intake of alcohol, regular exercise, and have a nutritious diet. Following a good diet and takings care of some things that influence your erection may help you in sustaining a healthy erection.

Excess alcohol intake not only creates complications with your sexual problems but is also responsible to interfere with other health problems.

Abstaining from the alcohol consumption may make your erection rate better and has other advantages as well like:

  • Better Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • Make you more energetic
  • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure and liver problems.

Therefore it is necessary to keep your daily consumption of alcohol habits in control and eat well. You can also buy medicines from an online pharmacy to get a sturdy and long-lasting erection.

This is all for now. Share this article with your friends and create awareness. Stay Healthy and Stay Fit.

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