Sildenafil for Women: Understanding in Detail

Sildenafil is an FDA-approved medicine for treating Erectile Dysfunction in men and assigned males at birth (AMAB).

It is a PDE-5 inhibitor that helps increase the blood flow to the penis. 

But Sildenafil for women works? Can Sildenafil help in increasing sexual arousal in women?

Sildenafil may help treat Pulmonary Hypertension in women but was not designed for treating FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction) and does not help in sexual arousal. 

Sildenafil might help in increasing blood flow. 

Let’s understand everything about Sildenafil for women and what are the alternatives of Sildenafil in this article.

Is Sildenafil for women

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Sildenafil might work for women sometimes. 

According to research, PDE-5 inhibitors such as Sildenafil may help increase the blood flow to the clitoris and the labia of the vulva, which can increase sensitivity and lubrication in women. 

Sildenafil is also prescribed as Lovegra to some women off-label. 

However, the FDA does not approve using Sildenafil or Viagra for women. 

Due to limited research on using Sildenafil for women, the FDA and the doctor do not recommend it.  

Women may experience headaches and nausea as a side effect of taking Sildenafil.

Can Sildenafil treat Sexual Dysfunction in females

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Sexual Dysfunction is a condition that prevents women from having or enjoying sexual intercourse. 

30-40% of women are affected by Sexual Dysfunction.

Women who have Sexual Dysfunction may experience symptoms such as low sexual desire and sexual arousal disorder.

Sildenafil may or may not help to treat SD in females. 

Sildenafil may help increase blood flow which can help in increasing the sensitivity in the genital areas of women. But it is not approved to treat Sexual Dysfunction in females.

Always consult a doctor or a healthcare provider if you feel any symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction.

What is the alternative to Sildenafil for women

Sildenafil is not an approved med for women for treating Sexual Dysfunction.

The two medications that the FDA approves to treat Female Sexual Interest and Arousal Disorder (FSIAD) and can be considered as an alternative to Sildenafil for women are-

  • Bremelanotide (Vyleesi) 
  • Flibanserin (Addyi) 

Let’s understand the medicines and their effects, dosage, and side effects on women.

Medicine nameKey ingredientAbout medicineRecommended dosageSide effects
VyleesiBremelanotideVylessi is an FDA-approved med that can help treat FSIAD in premenopausal women. It is injected into the
thighs or thighs of the person at least 45 minutes before sexual intercourse
The recommended dosage of Vylesi is 1.75mg.



AddyiFlibanserinAddyi can treat FSIAD in premenopausal females. It comes in pills. It can be taken daily. However, it may take up to 8 days to see sexual desireThe recommended dosage of Addyi is 100mg.Dizziness



Doctors can also prescribe the generic version of these meds. For instance, Filban 100mg, a generic version of Addyi, contains the same salt Flibanserin.

However, apart from Addyi and Vyleesi, some women are prescribed Sildenafil-based medicine like Lovegra off-labeled. 

Always consult medical personnel before consuming these medicines.

Key takeaway

Sildenafil or Viagra is used for treating ED in men or AMAB. 

FDA has not approved Sildenafil for women for treating FSD. 

Women can also experience Sexual Dysfunction. 

Anorgasmia and Sexual arousal disorder are some common types of FSD. 

Hormonal changes and relationship issues can be the reason for Female Sexual Dysfunction. 

FDA approves meds like Vyleesi and Addyi for treating FSIAD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a woman take half a Viagra?

No, it is not advised for women to take Viagra or Sildenafil as FDA does not approve it for women.

What drugs are used for female excitement?

Addyi(Flibanserin) and Vyleesi(Bremelanotide) are the meds approved by the FDA for FSD and can be taken by women. It is essential to visit a healthcare provider before taking these meds.

What is the recommended dosage of Sildenafil for women?

Sildenafil is available in 25mg, 50mg, and 100 mg. The recommended starting Sildenafil dose for men is 50 mg. It is vital to know that women or AFAB should not take Sildenafil.

What are the potential side effects of Sildenafil in women?

The common side effects of Sildenafil in women include headache, flushing, and nausea. If you have any queries or worries about taking Sildenafil, consult your doctor.

Does female Viagra have side effects?

Flibanserin or Addyi can also be called female Viagra. Women can experience Dizziness, Nausea, and difficulty falling asleep while taking Flibanserin.

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