Zoloft for ED: Explained

Zoloft is an FDA-approved medicine prescribed for treating Depression. Sertraline is the generic name of this medication.

Zoloft belongs to a group of drugs called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). 

Apart from Depression, it can help treat Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD.

Psychological conditions such as Depression, and Anxiety can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

So can you use Zoloft for ED as well? The simple answer to it is no Zoloft cannot help in treating Erectile Dysfunction. It is, in fact, responsible for ED. 

However, it is worth noting Zoloft may help in treating Erectile Dysfunction caused due to Anxiety or Depression. 

Let’s understand more about Zoloft and its relation with Erectile Dysfunction and how you can treat ED caused due to Zoloft.

Zoloft for ED: Is it responsible for impotence

Antidepressants such as Zoloft can cause Sexual Dysfunction. It is one of the sexual side effects of taking Zoloft.

Research showed that up to 80% of people experienced sexual side effects caused due to Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) medications. 

But how can an Antidepressant cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Antidepressants like Zoloft increases the level of Serotonin in the body for treating Depression. 

Increased Serotonin may affect neurotransmitter and hormone levels such as Testosterone. 

And the decreased level of Testosterone may affect erection and sexual arousal. 

Zoloft may also inhibit Nitric Oxide, which helps improve the body’s flow and helps achieve and maintain an erection. 

However, clinical trials performed by FDA showed only 2-4% of people experienced ED caused due to Zoloft.  

Treatment of ED due to Zoloft

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Consult a doctor

An Erectile Dysfunction caused by Zoloft is not permanent and can be treated.  

Contacting your therapist and doctor should be the first action towards ED.

A doctor or therapist may recommend one of these solutions for treating your Zoloft-induced ED.

  • Adjust your dosage- Zoloft is available in several dosages. Lowering the dosage of Zoloft can help reduce the side effects that may cause ED.
  • Changing your Antidepressants- Some people may benefit after switching to a different SSRI med. The effects of SSRIs can vary even within the same class of medications. SSRIs like Bupropion (Wellbutrin) and Mirtazapine (Remeron) have a lower risk of causing ED.
  • Lifestyle choices- Choose a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking and drinking, exercising daily, and eating a balanced diet. 
  • Taking a drug holiday- Your doctor may suggest a drug holiday for one or two days. You can stop taking the meds for those days, which may help avoid or lower the severity of impotence. 
  • Taking ED medicines- Your doctor may also suggest or prescribe medications to treat ED. Meds such as Sildenafil (or Viagra) can help in achieving erection.
Always consult your doctor or therapist for treatment of ED caused by Antidepressants like Zoloft.

Can I take Zoloft and ED meds together

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Sildenafil pills

Yes, ED meds can be taken with Zoloft. 

Medication such as Viagra (or Sildenafil) is safe to be consumed with Zoloft. It has no such major drug interaction with it. 

Viagra can help treat ED by improving the blood flood to the penis, which can help get an erection.

You should consult your doctor before taking the ED meds to treat Zoloft-induced impotence.

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  • To summarize

    Zoloft is a medicine used for treating Depression, Anxiety, and Social Anxiety Disorder.

    The low levels of Serotonin may cause mental health disorders. 

    Antidepressants like Zoloft may cause Erectile Dysfunction.

    Increased levels of Serotonin may affect the levels of Testosterone. 

    ED caused due to Zoloft can treat by changing the dosage of Zoloft, choosing different SSRI meds, and making lifestyle changes.

    Zoloft helps in the treatment of Depression and may help in treating ED causes due to Depression. 

    Taking Viagra with Zoloft can help in improving ED. Viagra is safe to be consumed with Zoloft and does not interact with Antidepressants. 

    Consult your doctor if you think you have ED due to taking Antidepressants.  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I take Zoloft for ED?

    Zoloft might help in treating ED only if it caused due to Depression. However, it is vital to remember that Zoloft may cause Erectile Dysfunction. Your doctor may prescribe ED medications with Zoloft that might help treat ED.

    How long does Zoloft Erectile dysfunction last?

    The ED caused due to Antidepressants is temporary. After discontinuing SSRI medication, a person may experience a return of sexual function.

    What are the sexual side effects of Zoloft on men?

    Delayed orgasm, difficulty ejaculating, decreased sex drive, and Erectile Dysfunction are some sexual side effects of Zoloft.

    Is it safe to take Zoloft and Cialis together?

    There is no drug interaction reported between Zoloft and Cialis. It would be best not to consume Cialis and Zoloft together without consulting a healthcare provider. 

    What are the different doses of Zoloft?

    There are three dosage strengths available for Zoloft: 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg.

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