Can a Hernia Cause ED: A Complete Guide

People who ever had a Hernia may experience symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction (ED).

So can a Hernia cause ED?

People with a Hernia might be at an increased risk of ED.

ED is an inability to get or maintain an erection in men or assigned males at birth (AMAB). 

You might also wonder about using Erectile Dysfunction pills post a Hernia surgery. 

This article will elaborate on Hernia as a cause of ED. 

Also, we will discuss similar queries in people with Hernia.

What is a Hernia?

Hernia is the bulging of a tissue or organ in the abdominal cavity. 

Most of the time, it occurs due to increased pressure on an abdominal opening. 

It may also develop due to the weakening of a muscle. 

The pressure pushes the affected organ towards the opening or the weak muscle. 

This action results in a bulge that is visible or can be felt. 

Some people may have weak muscles right from birth. 

These individuals are more likely to develop Hernia later in life.

The abdominal cavity is the region between your chest and upper abdomen.

Can a Hernia cause ED?

Can a Hernia cause ED?Source: Africa-images
Can a Hernia cause ED?

Yes, Hernia can cause ED in men or AMAB. 

A study by Pubmed states that people with Inguinal Hernia are more likely to develop ED.

Weak muscles are the leading cause of this Hernia type.

Some individuals may also acquire Erectile Dysfunction after Hernia surgery.

Lifting heavy objects produces strain on your abdomen.

This strain stretches the abdominal muscles, making them weak.

Tissues or organs may bulge from this weak muscle spot, causing a Hernia. 

If left untreated, a Hernia may affect the sexual performance of an individual. 

Over time, it may also develop episodes of Sexual Dysfunction in such individuals. 

In men or AMAB (assigned males at birth), Erectile Dysfunction is the most significant sexual trouble.

How to overcome ED risk?

How to overcome ED risk?Source: Henadzi
How to overcome ED risk?

Weakened abdominal muscles in Hernia patients increase their risk of developing ED.

Rarely may some individuals develop ED symptoms after Hernia surgery.

Physical inactivity is the leading factor that triggers ED in these individuals. 

If you recently had a Hernia surgery, return to your usual schedule after discussing it with your doctor.

They might advise you to begin normal physical activities after seven days of surgery. 

Moderate exercises will help reduce the risk of ED significantly.

Will fixing Hernia treat ED?

Yes. Fixing Hernia helps to treat ED in most cases. 

If you have an underlying Hernia, you are at an increased risk of developing ED.

According to an NCBI study, such patients may improve their sexual function after undergoing Hernia surgery. 

The risk of getting Erectile Dysfunction after Hernia surgery is also reduced considerably. 

Contact your doctor and discuss the available treatments for Hernia.

Treatments for ED

If you experience trouble getting or holding an erection, it might be ED symptoms.

You must have erection troubles for a while to classify it as ED. 

Consult a physician who will confirm if you have ED.

They might prescribe some medicines to relieve your condition.

Medicines like Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are the most common ED prescriptions in the US. 

Your doctor will suggest a suitable dose depending on the severity of your symptoms.

Always buy ED medicines from authentic pharmacies only.
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Getting a Hernia is common and might only sometimes be a cause of concern. 

An underlying Hernia might cause pain in individuals as time progresses. 

But if left untreated, they may lead to bigger troubles like Erectile Dysfunction. 

If you notice ED symptoms due to Hernia or after getting it operated on, seek medical assistance.

Taking prescription ED medicines after consulting a doctor may help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Inguinal Hernia cause ED?

Yes. Of all the Hernia types, Inguinal Hernia is the leading contributor to ED. 
Inguinal Hernia develops in the groin region or near one’s scrotum. Typically, You will need to undergo surgery to treat it.

Can a Groin Hernia cause ED?

Yes. A Hernia in the groin region may affect a person’s sexual function. 
If left untreated, it may progress and develop into more serious issues like ED.

Can an Umbilical Hernia cause ED?

In rare cases, yes. An Umbilical Hernia is more common in infants and women. 
However, men and assigned males at birth (AMAB) may also develop an Umbilical Hernia.
When the Hernia affects the testicles, it can drop testosterone levels.
Reduced testosterone levels are a leading cause of ED.

How to treat ED when caused due to a Hernia?

In most cases, Groin Hernia does not cause ED. But, the nerves and blood vessels necessary to attain and maintain an erection may have also been destroyed if you have groin pain due to trauma or a hip fracture.

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